2. Trust in God


The mightiest power in the universe is God. The mightiest power in the universe is love. God is love. Love between people of the earth, between human beings, in a family, between friends, is of this universal power. Love binds people together, love is not breakable, love unites and love creates oneness. When there is truly love between people, nothing can separate them. That is why, my friend, it is the mightiest force, the mightiest there is in the universe, and the mightiest is God. When you know that you have God within yourself, that he created you and that you are a spirit and that spirit is united in love, then you will know that this unity is unbreakable, because when love unites, it is one.

In nature you see revelations from God, the flowering and the decay. When you see the seasons come and go, when you see the blooming of the most beautiful flowers in the spring time and when you see the flowers decay in the wintertime, coming back every year and you do not have to give it a thought, it is just coming back year after year for you to enjoy, given to you by your Father, it is a revelation from the Creator for you to comprehend nature’s law, to comprehend life itself, to comprehend the creation of Mother Nature.

How many times and how many years does your Almighty Father need to bring nature back to you in its beauty, before you can have trust in your heart, trust in him, trust in the love that your Father brings you every year. The revelation is there just in front of you. As with the flowers, you see with human beings; people are dying and people are born, as with all living beings. These are revelations from God for you to understand, for you to have trust in your Father, for you to understand that you are here as an eternal being, that you are here to comprehend life, that you are here in this school of life on earth to learn and to accomplish your tasks, your mission, as with the flowers, as with all there is in Mother Nature, from the little seed in the soil to the beautiful creation that you can see with your physical eyes.

It is human, in moments of despair, to lose sight of Mother Nature, to lose sight of the creation of God, to not know that God is there for you, to not have complete trust in God, and yes, as you know from your scriptures, even Christ on the cross said: “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” But as you also know from the scriptures, when Christ’s life on earth is coming to an end, he says: “Father, into your hands I commit my spirit.” Because he knew that nature takes and nature brings back, as God has revealed within his creation for you to understand that everything that dies will be reborn, renewed and restored. You will enter the world beyond alive when you die from the earth plane, as Christ said to his fellow being on the cross: “Today you will be with me in paradise.”

Even the stars in heaven need to die to let other stars be born. Even your own star will die and people of the earth will be reborn in the world beyond, in another dimension, in another planetary system, because there are stars and planets all over. Your planet is not the only planet that is inhabited by human beings, no, my friend, the spirit world and other dimensions in the universe give such tremendous opportunity for learning, for inhabiting different ways of life. God has given you the sun, the star that you can see on heaven, for your evolution, and it was born in ancient times, and it will stay for so long that you will term the time as endless.

Everything in your mind is endless, and the universe itself is endless. You yourself as a human being are evolving, the universe is evolving and that is why there is decay and rebirth of everything in life. Your spirit can never die, it is only your physical body that will die, and in the revelations from nature and the universe, you will understand that the physical and material being of life will die, but be reborn. Everything is of the same life force; everything is of God, the source of life. Have trust in God and you will have peace within and raise yourself in spirituality.

The belief can be replaced with knowledge that there is an eternal life for everyone. That we are part of each other, that we are born of the same spirit, the Almighty Spirit. You can meet us that have the knowledge, you can meet us on the Bridge of Love, and you can have the full understanding of life. Nothing is hidden for you that seek in love. From the scriptures you have the saying of Christ: “Seek and you shall find, and the door will open.” And that is true, but you have to meet us in love, because God is love and God is building the Bridge of Love between us, so we can have communion, so you can have the knowledge that we have received, because we have been on your material earth plane. We have been in your position, and we know now that we have an eternal life. We are true spirits of the Almighty Father as you yourself are. But your physical body camouflages your true self, and you must use your physical eyes and intellect to comprehend, to search and understand, and when you raise yourself you will find the answers to life itself. Trust in God follows spirituality. When you raise yourself in spirituality you will know that God is everything there is. Then you will have complete trust in your Father, and then you will know.

Knowledge dispels fear. So, my friend, acquire the knowledge on the Bridge of Love, acquire the knowledge if you want to have the true understanding of life. You see, everything is revealed in Mother Nature, and when you want to go a step further, you can meet us on the Bridge of Love, and we can tell you about the afterlife, the life that you one day will join, where you will meet your family and friends that have passed on, where you will find your true self, your spirit that survived the physical body, but, my friend, you can find your true self when on earth. Spirituality in your life will show you the way; spirituality is the key to understand life, to have trust in God, to find God within yourself, to find the connection of the true self with the love and the consciousness of God. You have the wisdom of the universe of God within yourself, but you have to seek, and when you seek you shall find.

Acquire knowledge and you find trust in God, because believe itself is a blessing, but knowledge is of God. Reach for that knowledge, reach for God, reach for love in your heart.

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