2. The meaning of life

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We all have this question in mind when we live on earth. Surely it is a vast area to cover. The Almighty has given you free will. Then it is entirely up to you how you would live your life here on earth. However, each one of you, when in physical form, has a mission to perform, something that you have already determined before you came here. Unfortunately, it is dimmed and you have to strive to find your mission, but the mission is in you, and if you seek you will find.

Christ said: “Seek and ye shall find”, and that expression is as valid today as it was ever before. Many come to this side and say that their life was useless, because they forgot their mission. All of us have different missions here on earth, but we have one in common, and that is to make this earth a better world.

Wherever you go, plant a seed of love and peace. This is your ultimate goal. Wherever you perform your activities, keep in mind that you are nurturing the seed that has been planted by the Almighty both inside you and out in your world.

Each and every one of us has come to the earth with a meaning and a purpose. You can start with yourself, your spiritual being. Within, you are a beauty that you should nurture and develop. This is something that is done better and more efficiently on the earth plane than on this side. It is the key objective that you should strive for.

We on this side see a world of pity when we get close to your world. There is so much to be done. Your world is overshadowed by selfishness, greed and vanity. All of these are something you should conquer, and you should conquer them by love, by giving of yourself.

Take care of your fellow being, be patient and meet everyone with love. Go into yourself, your inner beauty and create a pathway to the Almighty, and he will keep you strong in your endeavours. Give love and you will receive love. We on this side will help you and inspire you to do the right things, but you will have to be open to us, knowing that we are here. We are close by, assisting and helping you, and that is the will of God.

“You reap as you sow”, a familiar expression, but many have forgotten. The law is something that is operating everywhere on your side as well as on this side. We know so very well that what we sowed on your side, we certainly reaped on this side. Even though you cannot see the seed that you are planting, there will be a harvest sometime.

You live your life here on earth to develop your spiritual being, your spirituality. Give of yourself, and share with others. Nothing is forgotten. As human beings we are equal, all are the same and of the same importance. We are all one. What you do to others, you do unto yourself.

The material world that you live in has many obstacles to cope with, and you are coloured in a way by the material world. This makes it not easier to become more spiritual, but it depends on your focus, because when you develop your spiritual being, the materiality will vanish. In your mind, in your inner being, you will see your spirit, the importance of yourself, your inner self. Remember that the earth plane is the school of life that we all have to accomplish, and you are students in this school, travelling on different pathways, learning, acquiring knowledge on different subjects. However, you have the option to move upwards to higher classes, and when you are climbing the spiritual path, you move towards the essential part of your life on earth, towards God. The higher classes that you have in the school of life are the spiritual aspect of living, moving from materiality to spirituality.

Yes, we know that the world requires work in many different occupations, but that is no hindrance to moving further up the ladder being a spiritual being, bringing weight on the vital things in life. Money is of course an essential part of the material plane. You have poor people and you have rich people, but modesty is the way of life. Live in moderation and not in excess.

It´s difficult to be poor, and it´s a challenge to be rich. When you climb the ladder, you will see that one of your tasks is to balance, helping others when you can. Materiality is nothing to strive for, but I can assure you that spirituality is. You are a spiritual being in a physical flesh. Your physical body is a hindrance to see that you yourself, your real self, is inside you and is there to be developed. By elevating yourself spiritually, you can make your life peaceful and a wonderful thing, a life full of love, tranquillity and harmony. That is where you want to be, that is where we all want to be, when you know what life is about. On this side, life is wonderful when you have lived your life in a spiritual manner, when you have received the knowledge and understand your position in the material world, when you have reached the upper class in life, the spiritual class, then your journey on this side will continue, ever increasing in love, peace and harmony.

There are many mansions on this side, and we are here to help you to find the beautiful side where there is love, harmony and peacefulness among the neighbours. This place is often called the Summerland, where there is beauty above any expression, where things are so indefinitely beautiful, yes we have the nature, the birds, we have all the beauties from your world, but in another and more wonderful expression. You can have all of this; you can have it all, but then start your spiritual journey today, my friend.

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