2. The Child and Mother

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In the beginning was the word, the thought. The consciousness of love has always been the power of the universe. The love from God is infinite, is endless and knows the past, the present and the future of the universe, of all there is. God is omnipresent. You are all children of the same God, of the same power of love. Let this remind you when you create the thought in your mind about bringing a new child to your world. Remind yourself that your origin is of love and what you bring to your world is of this power, the power of the universe, the power of God, the power of love.

The union between man and woman is of love, is of the word given by the Almighty Spirit. When you, as a mother, have this beautiful thought within yourself, to bring the creation of God to this Planet Earth, then remember that you are here to bring love to this planet. When you become fertilised by the man and you, during pregnancy, feel the creation being born within yourself, you carry the love from the universe within, the creation of the Almighty Father, the Almighty Mother; your Creator.

The child and mother are one in this period of life. The mother with her spirit within creates union between two souls, and this child when it sees the daylight becomes an individual with its own spirit, with the love, the seed, from your Father in Heaven that is there for you to nourish in its upbringing so you can see that love is a treasure, a power from God.

My friend, as a mother you will know that what you brought forward of love is a union that will be part of your life. Your maternal instinct will protect, will sympathise, will create thoughts of love, of kindness towards your child, because you act according to the instincts given by your Creator, the maternal and parental instincts of the universe, created by God. God has the maternal instinct as part of his love for all the children on earth. Remember that you are all spirits. You cannot die, you are eternal beings; you are spirits of God. You are all brothers and sisters, because you are all created by the same power, the power of love that he gave you as a mother, as a father, to bring forward to your child, to your children. God is your Mother and your Father. God is your Creator, and he gave you his wisdom to carry forward his plan for you all to find your true self.

What a wonderful creation you are. What a wonderful mother you can be for your child. You can give love, you can care for, you can protect, you can nourish, and you can give the child the right upbringing so the child will know right from wrong. When you fill your child with love, that child will bring this power that you have created within your child forth in their life towards other fellow beings. You see, my friend, as a mother you have a tremendous responsibility. You must take care of your child because that is your creation given to you in love by your Father in heaven.

He made and created man to bring you the child because you need to be man and woman to reflect his creation, to reflect his wisdom. You are there to unite, to raise the child, the children, as a mother and a father, so the child can be part of this union, of this family that is blessed, because you are all a big family on earth in the eyes of your Almighty Father. You are one big family.

God is love. Let your love that you have received from your Heavenly Father, your Heavenly Mother, come to your child, come to the children of the earth. What a joy it is to feel and see the newborn, to see the child that you have brought to the world. This child, that newborn child, when it stretches its hands towards you, it is saying to you: “Mother I love you. Let us bring love to this Planet Earth, together, because I have the wisdom from heaven; that love is the foremost in life.” Let the smile of the little child tell you that love is of God, that love is of heaven, that love created you and I.

Let the newborn child reflect the treasure that you brought to this world, the treasure that you can build in love within yourself, the love that you can give to the world. Let the smiles, the children’s laughter that bring joy to your heart, let them reflect your lives, your attitude towards the world, towards your fellow beings. Let the love from the child remind you how your Creator that brought you this wonder, gave you the ability to bring the word, the thought, into reality on your material plane, on your beautiful blue planet.

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