2. Spirit Life

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You are a spiritual being, and you live your spirit life today. Your physical body camouflages your spiritual being, which is your inner self. The spirit life is today, was yesterday and is tomorrow. You are an eternal being. This life on earth may be your first life on this planet, but you may also have reincarnated on this plane of life many times. Your spirit life is here and now.

Your spiritual being is your innermost treasure. A treasure given to you by the Almighty that he wants you to explore and develop. “Seek and you shall find”, an expression that is from ancient times, and a familiar expression from the teachings of Christ. Your task is to find the key.

The spirit life is all you have in your mind; friends, family, interests, hobbies, nature, animals, heaven, earth, the stars, the universe and ultimately the presence of God, because God is all there is, and God is love.

Love is everything, everything that you can have, and it is there for you to reach. The key to your treasure in yourself is love, and the key will open all the doors by giving love to your fellow beings, by helping others and by giving charity. Love will expand your spiritual being in knowledge, and find the pathway for you in life. Reach for the key in life and you can truly accomplish the greatest task on earth. Open yourself, look inside and see within your mind. In nature you will see expressions of God, and know that you are more than your physical body.

You have a spiritual body that will move on in this life and in the life to come, a being that is for eternity. The life on earth is a school of learning where you meet daily struggles, but nothing is there that cannot be overcome.

That is spirit life on earth. The spirit life will continue on this side of life, but what you have created in your mind, in the treasure within yourself, is the heaven you will meet on this side. My friend, work on your treasure, so you can harvest a paradise on this side of life in the spirit world, because on your pathway you will see that what you sow you will reap. That is the law of the universe, the law of cause and effect. We are here to teach you, and so will you one day.

The spirit life can be beautiful, on both the physical and spiritual plane, but you are the master of your own treasure, the heaven inside yourself. God has given you the tools. He has given you everything so you can comprehend right from wrong. Build up your character when you are on earth, because your character and your personality is what you will bring over to this side of life. In your character you have your spirituality, and that is where you are at present on your pathway. The spirit life is now and forever.

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