2. Humbleness


When you go to bed at night and close your eyes, you may reflect on the day that passed by. A day that has been filled with different activities and, if you were fortunate, you had the necessary nourishment for your physical body. My friend, when you reflect on the day, there have been many challenges, friendly and unfriendly people, friendly and unfriendly thoughts, and if you mastered them with a charitable and humble mind, you should not have any difficulty falling asleep and should wake up in the morning with a rested and calm mind.

When you have humbled yourself, then a wall of light meets unfriendly thoughts, a wall that cannot be penetrated, because it is of love. It is of love for other human beings. When you have humbled yourself, there is no pain, because you have filled yourself with the power of the universe, the power of God. When you have humbled yourself, you have raised yourself above mundane things of the earth, you have raised yourself above unfriendliness, you have raised yourself towards love, the love of your Father in heaven and you have created a shield of protection, even though you feel the sorrow and the misfortune that people bring to other people. Recall the saying of Christ: “Whoever exalts himself, shall be abased, and whoever humbles himself shall be exalted”. It is a saying for the spirit world as well as a truth on earth.

When you humble yourself, you receive love from good spirits, from people that are giving loving thoughts to you, and that will strengthen your whole being. When you humble yourself, you are truthful to your inner being, and you will find inner peace, and you will find the love within yourself that you in truthfulness and humbleness give to others. You will not seek for power, because power is contrary to humbleness.

Humbleness is friendliness; humbleness is reaching for the highest within you, the love that you can give to others, love for humanity. When you humble yourself, you will find forgiveness; you will find love from your Father in Heaven. My friend, humbleness will beautify your inner self.

In humbleness you help others, and you do the tasks that are given to you by God, and those tasks are to share the resources and establish peace among people. Humbleness is to show kindness and to erase selfishness within and from the earth plane. Humbleness is to be a light for others, to meet people with love, to correct misbehaviour and to find ways of prosperity for all. Humbleness will create peace on earth and peace within, because in humbleness you see all people as equals. You do not exalt yourself when you know that humbleness is the gateway to heaven within yourself, the gateway to the mightiest power in the universe, the gateway to God, which is love.

My friend, humbleness in the material world is seen as a weakness, but I can say that humbleness is the contrary. It is the power of God. In humbleness you will find the answers to life, you will find the truth of life, you will find your innermost being, the beauty that you have within. When you search in humbleness, a new world will open up, a new, bright, wonderful world that was hidden to you, a world that cannot be reached in unfriendliness and in selfishness. It is a world where love reigns, where God is the power, because God is love, and in humbleness you find the pathway to God.

Christ washed the feet of his disciples, his friends. Did he show humbleness? My friend, Christ himself was humbleness and so can you be. He was a bright light and he showed the way. He was a human being; he wanted you to do the works that he did. Find the beauty within you, the beauty of life. Christ knew that he had God within himself, and so can you. We all have the seed from God within ourselves, and you were given the opportunity to be in communion with your Father in heaven, but you will have to seek to be part of his union, and you find the way to God in humbleness.

What a beautiful message we have for you. Humbleness can be your strength in life. It is your strength in life when you humble yourself. In humbleness you find the heaven within yourself, the heaven of love.

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