2. Heartbeats

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Love – love – love – love.
My friend, you are listening to the heartbeats of God.
Listen to your own heart,
Listen carefully,
And you will find the heartbeats of love within yourself.
Love – love – love – love.

You are a spirit of God.
When you have found your true self,
When you have become love yourself,
Your heart gives the wisdom of God,
Because God is love, God is the wisdom.

The universe is a reflection of you.
You are a universe yourself,
A universe with stars, with planets,
A universe filled with love,
Filled with the heartbeats of God,
Created by his love,
Created by his heartbeats,
For you to find the wisdom within yourself.

Season follows season,
The heartbeats of nature,
The soul´s heartbeats
That you have received in love,
That God has prepared as revelations for your sight,
For you to accompany nature itself,
For your heartbeats to align themselves with God’s Creation of love.

Heartbeats of love,
Bringing you the wisdom of life,
Heartbeats of the spirit,
The spirit within yourself,
The spirit that keeps you alive in your physical flesh,
The spirit of love that drives your physical being,
The truth of life,
The spirit that is of God,
The spirit that is of love,
An eternal spirit,
An eternal life,
Heartbeats that are everlasting,
Heartbeats of love,
The mightiest force there is,
The mightiest power that can never die.

You, my friend, are a spirit,
An everlasting spirit that can never die,
Because you were made out of love,
The heartbeats of the universe,
Heartbeats of love.

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