19. Your Pathway


Many times you wonder if you have chosen the right pathway in life, “Did I choose the right education, did I choose the right school, did I choose the right work, did I choose the right environment for the challenges that I would like to have?” Well, I can say this to you, my friend, that you are not alone in having such thoughts in mind.

When you reach a milestone, when you have accomplished a task, when you feel that you have completed a mission, you ask yourself: “Where should my pathway take me next?” You evaluate your walks in life and look for future destinations. Then again you try to find a course where you can achieve your new objectives.

Most of you choose a pathway for your work and occupational interests that will bring necessary income and comply with your sentiments in life. If you are fortunate to have a family of your own, you will use the same manner of judgement to keep your family on the pathway where they will be healthy and have a prosperous life. That is your good intention for your family and for yourself.

Your pathway in life may take many directions, and you may feel that there is a time where your pathway, your course in life, ends up with unwanted results. You may have met troubles and conflicts in life, friends that cut you short. All this caused trouble to your mind and made you change your route in life.

When you meet conflicts, when you meet problems in your life, then you wake up and you say to yourself: “This was not part of my plan, and it is troubling my heart to see people misbehaving.” People crossing your path are not necessarily friendly, and selfishness, greed, pride and dishonesty are stumbling blocks and part of your life. My friend, these worries in life will prompt you to go deeper into yourself, and you will ask yourself: “Was this all there is? Is this how life is? Is this the life that I wanted? Why did this happen to me, why did I meet this trouble, why, why, why?”

There are many obstacles in your world, and they are there, my friend, to teach you about life, they are there for you to overcome in life, to find your inner self, to find the pathway that you did not actually give much thought, the pathway of spirituality where you raise yourself and can master life in quite another fashion than with only your material mindset. You see, when you find this seed within that you were given by your Almighty Father, then a door will open up for you and show you a pathway where selfishness, greed, dishonesty, vanity, jealousy, pride and envy, all these passions, were there on this material plane for you to experience, for you to master, for you to see in other people, for you to see in yourself, for you to raise yourself, for you to find your real self. Then you will understand that life was more than occupation, than a career, than selfesteem and selfactualisation in material terms. You will see that there is a universe within yourself that is given to you for you to experience, for you to raise yourself spiritually so you can find God within, so you can find the beauty that you can give to other people, so they can learn, so you can be a light, so you can raise and master yourself and the problems that you are meeting on your pathway in life.

You can take the course in life that will give you peace of mind, that will fill your heart with love, that will show you that life is a wonderful lesson, a wonderful school in the material world, that life was given to you to experience all the passions on earth and all the beauties of Mother Nature. God gave you all this to learn.

The sun is a revelation to you; it shines upon all of you, on the righteous and the non righteous, it shines upon you all. Mother Nature gives you revelations everywhere. You can just open your eyes and watch this wonderful universe you have just in front of you; the flowers, the trees, the animals, everything is part of your life. There is growth and there is decay in nature, and so it is with your life. You have a replica of the seasons within yourself, within your own body. Atoms are born and atoms are dying, and so it is with the stars in the universe. Stars are born and stars are dying, and so it is with us human beings, with all living beings in nature, some are born and some are dying, and you are here to see that all is there for you to learn. God is teaching you through your school of life, that he brought you to, that he gave you for your spiritual journey so you could raise yourself and know that you can be one with him in love, so you can know there is oneness in the universe, so you can know that everything is correlated, that everything is part of each other. Everything is based on the law of cause and effect. Watch this law in your own life. What you do unto others, you do unto yourself. When you give love, you will receive love within, when you give charity, you receive your spiritual fruit that raises you and brings you peace of mind, peace within yourself.

You, my friend, must find the pathway that suits you in life. You will meet challenges and difficulties, but they are there to raise you, for you to give a helping hand, for you to sow love and charity in life, so you can be wise and one with your Father in love and wisdom.

God gave you life the spirit that you have within. He gave you a wondrous opportunity to master a new pathway in life, a pathway that you can create as a beauty, that you can be proud of, that will blossom with beautiful flowers that others can pick up and enjoy and feel the warmth and the love from. You see, you can be their light. You can sow the seeds that will bring wonderful fruits for your followers.

Let your pathway be crowned by the Almighty Father. Make your pathway a pathway of love, of peace, of truthfulness to yourself, a pathway where charity is shining after your footsteps, and you will achieve a beautiful heaven within, the paradise you searched for in this life and will in the life to come. Let your pathway be towards God, your Father in heaven, and he will send his messengers to guide and help you in your life on earth.

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