19. The Power Within

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When on the earth plane your spirit, your spiritual body, has its counterpart, the physical body that you can observe and see with your physical eyes in the mirror. Your spiritual part, your spiritual being, is within yourself and that you cannot see in the mirror, but that is your real self. The spirit is the power within yourself that you can isolate or connect to the power of God, the power of the universe.

The electrical power of the earth that you have, most of you, where you live, that you connect your appliances to, your light bulb to, that you know is there, the electrical current in the electrical socket, you take that for granted, because you know it is there. I can tell you this, my friend, that the spirit that you have within, you also take for granted, because if you did not have this electrical current within yourself, the spirit, you would not have life in your physical body. Your spirit is the power that drives your physical self. If that spirit was absent, your heart would stop beating, and that is what is happening when you leave your physical body at the time of your earthly death. In that moment, your spirit, which is connected to your physical body with a cord, similar to the cord between the mother and the child at birth, releases itself. So, you are connected through your spirit when you are in the physical body to the socket of the power of the universe, the power of God.

Now, when you connect to the power of God, you do that in a spiritual manner. You do this by raising yourself towards God and his consciousness. Then you might ask: “But how can I lift myself up towards his consciousness?” There is only one answer and that is through love, because your Father in heaven is love and when you raise yourself in love for other human beings, you create that electrical current within yourself which is attuned to the love, the force, the power of love. You see, the current that you give out will have to match the electrical current of love in the universe, the power of God, which is pure love, and the mightiest power of the universe.

You can raise yourself spiritually and become aware of your spirit within, when you fill your heart with love, when you stop being selfish, when you forget about yourself and let others come first. Yes, I know that sounds like a fight with yourself, because in the material world selfishness is a dominant attribute of life, but you are here on earth to learn, to master yourself and the passions, and selfishness is one of the hardest passions to conquer. But you have the power within to conquer yourself, to conquer materialism and achieve the power of love within yourself that will give you peace of heart, peace of mind, peace with God and peace on earth. You have God within yourself, you are part of God, and he is working with you when you seek love and have faith. Then you are connected, then you are connected to such a power, such a force, that you within yourself will be such a bright light that can master all the troubles of your world and all the challenges that you will meet on your pathway in life.

Faith can move mountains, as is written in your scriptures, and, in a spiritual context, you can move mountains when on earth, you can heal the world by this power that you have within yourself, when you are connected to your Father in heaven. You can heal your world with love, you can share your resources, you can help all God’s children, because you have his power within yourself, and that was your task on earth: to heal the world, to raise every child of this earthly world to a life in happiness, to a life where they can have food and a safe environment, where they can live in love for each other, where selfishness is a word of cruelty and where love is a word of honour, because God is love, and in the deepest place within every one of us, you will find the seed of love from the Almighty Father, that he gave you at birth, that he wanted you to nurture, to nurture in love, in love for your fellow beings, so you could achieve the power to erase selfishness from the earth plane, so you could heal the world with his power that you have within, that you are connected to, through your spirit, to God and his love.

Search within. Search for that seed that you have, that seed, that spirit within that you were given at birth, that made you alive, so you could attend the school of life here on earth and raise yourself spiritually to conquer materialism, to conquer the passions of life, so you could go within yourself, with the spirit that you are, your real self, and be in union with your Father, with the Almighty Spirit, with the mightiest power there is.

Raise your consciousness towards the power of the universe, towards the power of love, and you will raise yourself to such a beauty, such a bright light for the world.

Have faith in God and your pathway will be enlightened, your pathway will be bright because you have the power of God within yourself, the power of the daylight. God will reveal himself to you when you raise your spirit to his consciousness, and you will know that you and the Father are one.

Use the power of love to heal your world, to help every human being, to help all living beings, to let Mother Nature prosper, to create this beautiful blue planet into a heaven, which it was meant to be in the eyes of your Father. It is your responsibility to take care of this beautiful planet, this earthly plane, so your children for the coming generations can look back to their ancestors and be proud of their father and mother that gave their love, that raised themselves towards the consciousness of love, love for all.

Your world can be so beautiful. You have all you need and all has been given to you to create, to maintain, an atmosphere of love around your planet, to create a bright light of love, to give every child of your planet a prosperous and beautiful life. Yes, you are in the material world to learn and you will still have all the passions, but you will raise yourself. You have the power within to raise yourself above materiality, towards spirituality and towards heaven.

Your earthly plane is in progress, but there is so much despair, so much violence, so much war that needs to be erased, and selfishness and misuse of power is there for you to conquer. You have the power within to raise yourself above all of this. You have the power to erase all the conflicts of your world. You have a great mission to perform, and you have the power of God within your reach, the power of love.

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