19. Listen to your Inner Self


When you sit in solitude, when you sit in calmness and you reflect upon yourself, your friends, people that you do not know, but that you have met and have given you new ideas, new knowledge, new thoughts, you create a world of pathways within your mind, within your brain, and this network of thoughts evolves your conscious mind, your consciousness. So what you are doing, my friend, is building knowledge within yourself, and you bring this knowledge to your conscious mind, and the thoughts you do not bring for evaluation are stored in your subconscious mind, similarly to your computer technology.

Actually, what you do with your computer can be compared with your own mind. You are saving information in different compartments, and you have a mind that knows the network of your computer. Something is hidden, but you can restore everything in your memory, your primal memory, your conscious mind. But in your daily tasks you do not reflect upon yourself as a computer. You reflect on your thoughts that are passing by in your mind. But let us go back to the start. When you sit in solitude and you reflect on your life, many past actions enter your mind, thoughts that have been stored. You may reflect on your daily activities, and you plan ahead. You may reflect on a problem at work, or an illness that caused so much trouble for yourself and your family, you may reflect on a sunny day where everything was perfect and where you and your family were in total harmony and happiness together. You may reflect on the conflicts in your world, of the suffering of humanity, and when seeing small children going hungry in other parts of the world on your television sets, you get tears in your eyes, and when you see the cruelty of other human beings, you feel pain in your stomach and in your heart. You may reflect upon the fact that life goes on and that the thing that you can do is to do your best to help wherever you can, to bring charity and to give your thoughts to other human beings about the despair of your world, so you can bring thoughts of repair, of finding solutions to the suffering of your world.

Everything is in your mind, and in your daily tasks you do not reflect upon all of the struggles, upon all of the problems of your world, because you store it in your subconscious and you bring into your mind what is happening to your life at this very moment, the tasks that you are to fulfil, the mission you have. But when you listen to your inner self, all these events in your world come to your mind, and create a network of pathways that are troublesome. My friend, to give charity, to help your fellow beings, to give love, to sow love on your way in life is foremost, but you can, when you listen to yourself, find a light and this light is your spiritual self, it is your eternal self, because you, my friend, are here on earth to learn in this school of life, you are here to do whatever you can to bring comfort to your world. You can be part of a mission to heal your world. So when you listen to yourself, you can say that “I am doing what I can to help and to raise this world from its suffering”, because your world suffers, you yourself suffer, when you see a world in despair.

When you reflect on all of your thoughts, and sort them out, you see the problems of your world, the problems that you yourself are causing to your fellow beings or the joy that you bring. When you see right from wrong in your life then, my friend, you know yourself, then you know what to do and not to do. Knowledge dispels fear, and when you know that you are a spirit, that you are here on earth for a mission, that you came to earth from the spirit world for your mission, then you are listening to your inner self, then you are finding your true self.

One day you shall depart from this physical plane and join the spirit world. When you listen to your inner self, to the spirit within, you understand what life is, the meaning of life, why you are here and what your mission is.

You, my friend, are here to give a helping hand, you are here to evolve, to raise yourself spiritually, to find your higher self, your true self. You are all children of God. God made you in his picture by love, the mightiest power in the universe, because God is love. God is your Father, and your Father is unconditional love that sees to his children, the good parent that will never leave any of his children.

Search within yourself, find the spirit that connects you to your Father, and you will evolve. Listen to your inner self, that is where the hidden treasure is, that is where you find the presence of your Father, that is where you enter into stillness in prayer and ask for his presence, his guidance. You will find this room within yourself where you can join together, and he will give you good advice for your life here on earth. Prayers to your Father are the key to find your inner self. Pray and listen. Pray for his love, pray for his wisdom, pray for your fellow beings, pray for his hands, so you can fulfil your tasks, so you can be his hands on earth, and then he will show you the way, he will find the path for you in life, when you do the will of your Father, and the will of your Father is love, love toward his children on earth so they can find peace, so they can be happy and joyful, so they all can be lifted out of the suffering of the despair of your world.

Listen…, listen…., listen…. quietly, listen and pray for guidance. That inner voice that comes to you in moments of sorrow and in moments of joy, that suddenly is there, the thought that comes to you and tells you what to do and not to do, that gives you love, that comforts you, that brings you thoughts of sudden felicity, my friend, God is talking to you. He is whispering, when you listen in stillness. Some call it intuition, but I can say to you, my friend, that your intuition is knowledge that you have within yourself and the influence that you have from the spirit world. That is, good spirits that are talking to you, giving you good advice, messengers of God, angels that wish you well in life but you have to listen, you have to listen quietly.

You have a well of wisdom deep inside yourself from your eternal life and when you find your true self, when you have climbed spiritually, you can open the door to that wisdom. Then you will know that you are part of the divine, of the Almighty Spirit, of God. The wisdom is there for you when you listen to your inner self. And when you become one with your Father, when you in prayer ask for his guidance, then it will be revealed to you. Listen to your inner self. Listen to the spirit within, to your spiritual self.

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