19. Healing


Healing is to help the spiritual body be in harmony with itself and the physical body. Spiritual awareness is part of healing. How can you otherwise heal yourself and others? Healing energy is coming from above. It’s a connection you make to the spirit world, a connection to the beam of light when your spiritual vibration can reach that light. That is why spiritual awareness is of fundamental knowledge before healing of any kind can be accomplished. Healing takes many forms. Colours of this world have a vibration, and they all have an effect upon your spiritual being in different ways. Magnetic fields are another approach, but the fundamental key to healing is love, because love is vibration as with colours, as with magnetic fields. As a healer your innermost being must be in harmony and at peace with itself, and this peace vibration will be transferred to the person in need as healing power from within yourself. We are all healers dependent on our spirituality.

All has to do with development of oneself, of the healing energy within. First of all and foremost, heal yourself by searching for God inside you, for your spiritual pathway. Humble yourself, leave selfishness behind, be truthful to yourself and ask yourself before you do anything: Am I in a position to heal this individual unselfishly? Then my friend, give of yourself and let the flow of energy meet that person, the flow of love.

The medical technology and development is part of God’s gift to humanity. Even so, many diseases can be healed by purely healing. However, you are also given the opportunity to use the medical handicraft. Medicine has been developed to heal diseases, and both healing and medical treatment is necessary and part of God’s plans for humanity to prosper.

We are all here on earth to conquer ourselves, our spiritual being and our physical body foremost, so that your spiritual being can show the way for your physical being, because our spiritual being knows the pathway to love, to truthfulness with oneself, to honesty and love for our fellow beings.

All healing must be done in love. Then you will be guided from this side, and the energy will flow. The power of love will flow through yourself to the individual you want to help. That is how healing works. That’s what healing was meant to be by the Creator. That’s healing in practice. Healing is love.

You cannot see the power in the electricity cable with your physical eyes, but you know the power is there. That is the same with the power of love, that you cannot see with your physical eyes, but can feel with your spiritual being. It is a flow of energy as with the energy in the electrical cord. Connect yourself, your spiritual being, to this power line of love, and you will be shown the way. Raise yourself spiritually, and you will be a light for others to follow.

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