19. Guardian Spirit

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In appreciation and gratitude, the guardian spirit is your friend following you throughout life. A friend from the spirit world, that once was in the material world. Your guardian spirit knows your struggles, knows all there is to know for you and your spiritual pathway that we wish you to be part of in your earthly life.

Your guardian spirit tries to influence your mind to do the good things in life, but you have your free will, and so does the guardian spirit. Your guardian spirit is there for you with the power of love behind.

We do not, nor the guardian spirit, interfere in your daily activities when you are following the right path of love for your fellow beings of unselfishness, and where you place honesty of the highest value in your material life.

However, if you are on the wrong path, they will try to help you, try to follow you back to your right path, to the path of love where God is the light. My friend, be aware of your unseen helper. Your guardian spirit is not there watching over you when you want to be private, because your guide knows your mind, and can read your thoughts.

You have spirits all around you all the time when you live on earth. Like attracts like, that´s why good thoughts attract good spirits, and bad thoughts attract bad spirits. They are not really bad, but they are undeveloped. They did not learn the lessons of the earth. They have to struggle on this side to achieve inner peace and love.

Your guardian spirit can influence your mind, but so can others. Your guide does not leave you, but is helping you wherever there is a possibility, and when you open your mind spiritually. When you have reached a certain spiritual level, you will know your guardian spirit. Have you not sometimes suddenly got an idea? And you wonder: where did that come from? If that was a good idea with good intentions, your guardian spirit may have given you that thought.

Why do you have a guardian spirit? We know the school of life on earth, and we want to help you because we are your friends, and friends help each other. When we help you we help ourselves, and when we see that you correct your path, and search for love within yourself, for helping others, and when we see that you provide the needs of others, and forget about yourself, we celebrate within ourselves and achieve happiness and peace.

But foremost, we help you on earth because we are God’s children and messengers of God, and we have God within. We have love, the purest love, the unconditional love that is the power that keeps us all alive, that is the power of the universe. We love the Almighty Spirit because that is love. It is the same with you, or it should be, that you search for love because love gives you peace in heart.

People of the earth have not all been fortunate to have an upbringing in love. Many have been raised in difficult environments, and it is difficult for them, such people, to see that love is the answer because they learned something else. Help those people to find their pathway. That is your task. You that received love in your upbringing, it is your task, your assignment on earth to help others, that are not on the right pathway, to raise themselves.

Give back what you received to society if you were fortunate to have an upbringing in love, because then you know the answer yourself, you know what gave you the good things in life. That is what your spirit guide, your guardian spirit does. They influence you to do the good things in life, to help others, because they know that you reap as you sow, and to find heaven within, you need to share the love with others.

Your guardian spirit is your friend, a friend that will be with you when you ask and pray for assistance. You will perhaps not see the immediate results, but you are on the right track because you join forces with an unseen friend that is there for you in love.

You might have many spirit helpers that are attracted to you when you do the good things in life. They are attracted to you in love for your fellow beings, to help as many as they can, using you as an instrument if you are receptive. If you do not open up spiritually, it will be difficult for the guide on this side to help you, because then you are blocking your mind. We want all people to have an open mind, an open mind knowing that they survive the physical death, that they go in to another life, a real life, that is not so very different from your own surroundings in life, and your own mind.

Your guardian spirit will help you when you open your mind to build the treasure within that you can open up on this side and be proud of, be joyful of, that can bring you happiness, peace and love within yourself, a paradise that you created by your own deeds when on earth.

Remember, your guardian spirit is your friend. Be a friend to this unseen friend of yours as well. Join forces in love for humanity.

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