19. Faith

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In your earthly life, you wonder about life itself, why you are here, how your physical body can evolve into such a beautiful instrument with your eyes reflecting the sun, so that you can see the beautiful creation around you in Mother Nature, that you can see what you are part of as a human being in the human race. You use your intellect to understand as much as you can all is revealed to you in your life on earth. But, my friend, you have to open your eyes, you have to actually see the creation yourself, and you have to bring your sight of the wonders to your mind, before you can draw a conclusion. Many people turn to religions and by faith believe in certain doctrines, teachings from people that have reflected on life and on the messages that they have received from above. But, my friend, you can yourself take the breath of life into your own evaluation, into your own consideration, and make up your own opinion. You know for certain that all that has been made and told you about love in life must be true, because love is of the good things in life. But, unfortunately, many people do not understand that love is the power of the universe, power that is unbreakable between human beings and the harmony that is created on your earth plane.

God reveals himself to you by love. He has given you the revelation of himself in you and in the creation that you can see with your physical eyes. It is not hidden to you, it is open, reflected by the sunlight, so you can see it in the daylight. The world was revealed to you when you saw the daylight at birth, when you were born. You evolved in darkness in the womb of your mother, you were brought to the light by your Father in love so you could attend the school of life here on earth, so you could walk the earth plane, and see and learn the passions of your self in physical flesh, so you could master your self, so you could conquer barriers of the material kind. You are here to climb spiritually to find your true self.

Now, my friend, you may conclude that what I am trying to say to you is that you have all the revelations in front of you that is your faith, that is your belief, that is what you in your mind can reason and use for your intellect to comprehend life. You have been given all this so your faith can be strong, can know that there is a creator behind all that you can see with your physical eyes. Faith in God, faith in love, faith in his creation made by love, is what you will find within yourself when you understand and can comprehend what you perceive, what you can evolve into by your mind, by your intellect, by the wisdom that has been given to you.

When you see the physical flesh at what you call the moment of the earthly death, you must understand that the energy that you have within yourself has left the body. This energy is the spirit of God that has driven your physical self through your earthly life. Your physical body is left behind on earth and turns into mould and dust when the time passes on. But you become a spirit, you are a spirit, a spirit of your Creator, and that spirit survives the physical death because you are an eternal being, you are a spirit of the force that made the creation of love, out of love.

Substantiate your faith; bring knowledge and wisdom to your faith. You can walk the Bridge of Love, you can have the truth revealed to you in a physical manner, because we on the other side of the veil, in the world beyond, can meet you in love on the bridge built by the hands of the Almighty Father, and we can materialise, we can show you our hands as real as your own hands. It is the truth. And you have this truth from ancient times when Christ materialised himself before his friends and showed his hand to Thomas, the doubter, showed his hand that had been penetrated by the nail. He could show Thomas that his hand was real, that his hand was materialised in physical form, and Christ, as you know so well, was not the first and not the last to materialise on earth. You know from Mount Sermon in your scriptures that Elijah and Moses materialised before Christ and his friends. You see, materialisations are a physical fact born by the Almighty Spirit. It is his hands that make it possible, nothing else, because that is the power of the universe, he is the power, the power of love, and love brings the truth to life.

Have faith in God, have faith in love, and have faith in the power that created you, because you know that you cannot come from nothing. You have been made, as everything else in the universe. Something cannot come from nothing. God, the power of love, has always been, knows the past, the present and the future. Infinite love, infinite universe, infinite beings, everything is infinite in love, because love is all there is, love is the creation. Have faith in the creation, have faith in love, have faith in God, God is love, God is the supreme power of the universe, the supreme power of love. Faith is love, love for your fellow beings, love for the children of the earth, because you are all of the same Creator, you have been made by the same power of love, you are one big family.

Bring your faith into love for all. Become love yourself. Have faith in love, and in love we are one. By love you create heaven within, the treasure, the beauty of life.

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