19. Earth


Your home,
Your life,
Your paradise,
A wonderful place with joy and happiness,
A wonderful place made by love,
For you to learn life,
For you to enjoy life,
For you to meet the passions of the material life,
For you to raise yourself spiritually,
For you to raise your sight towards the Creator
That made your blue planet,
That made Earth.

You create by your own mind
Thoughts of love, or
Thoughts of hatred.
God created Earth by love,
Man creates Earth by his own thoughts,
By his own free will that is given to every human being
To make a choice in life.

Earth is a paradise,
When you give your love
To this Creation of love,
When you care, share and love in your life,
When you leave selfishness behind,
When you let the power of love raise you
Towards the unity,
As you can make by your thoughts of love on Earth.

Earth, a beautiful Creation,
Where all has been given to sustain life,
Where all has been provided for,
Where you see with your physical eyes
The love revealed to you in nature, within yourself,
For you to prosper,
For you to find the wisdom of life.

Earth, a vast variety of life,
A small planet in your solar system,
Almost unseen when you travel by thought out there in space.
My friend, the perspective of life is the wisdom
For you to see the beauties,
The Creation from the infinite small
Atoms in your own life to the vast universe, the stars
That seem like atoms when you watch them at night,
When you raise your head and wonder about life,
About Earth, the planets, the stars
That are part of your life, of your physical environment,
Of the universe within yourself, the elements of life itself.

Give your love to Earth,
And Earth will return your love.
Earth gave you life,
Give life to Earth,
Sow love and Earth gives you paradise,
Paradise within yourself,
Paradise on Earth,
Heaven on Earth,
Heaven within,
God’s love for all,
Given to Earth, given to you.

Care for Earth,
Care for your beautiful blue planet
Let your children receive an Earth filled with love, with your love.

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