19. Brothers and Sisters

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It is a sunny day. You are with friends and enjoying yourself, you share thoughts, and you reflect on your life, you are laughing and you are having a good time. Then you meet some people that are frustrated over their problems in life, the concern that meets every human being every day, the challenge of life. They are presumably not happy, they do not enjoy themselves, and they are, in a way, caught by the passions of your world. They are quarrelling; they are dissatisfied with their lives. There is no joy in that group and they influence you with their thoughts and you become sad. You, for a while, cannot enjoy yourself because you feel pity for the people that cannot raise themselves above mundane things on such a sunny day, on such a beautiful day on earth. You see, the thoughts that you create are your life that is your life; your own thoughts are your life.

When you enjoy yourself, when you can laugh, when you can share viewpoints and your thoughts in a harmonious manner, and reflect upon them and evaluate them in a reasonable and logical way, you have climbed the ladder of spirituality because you can, even with the difficulties of your world, enjoy yourself and look upon the troubles of your earth plane in a dignified manner.

But even so, the people that have not climbed spiritually to such a degree that they can see beyond the world of challenges that they are caught by, they are still your brothers and sisters, and even though they cause interference in your thought patterns they are there for you to give a helping hand, because you are here on the earth plane to help, to advise, to guide your brothers and sisters that are still in conflict with their own minds.

When you walk the road and you see a brother or sister lying in the gutter, you must give a helping hand, you must share your wellbeing with people that are misfortunate, that are on a lower level than yourself, whether that is of mind or earthly goods. You see, my friend, you are all brothers and sisters, you are all children of God, and you are on the earth plane to raise yourself and your brothers and sisters to a level where all can enjoy themselves, where all can find happiness, where all can have a sustainable life. You are here to find the equation for equality, because in equality you will find happiness, you will find dignity, you will find the truth of life.

Your brother and sister that are in the gutter are of the same value as the king and the queen in higher positions in your world. They are all the same, they are all children of God, and there is no such thing in the kingdom of God as inequality, you are all of the same importance, you are all of the same Father, you are a spirit, and you are here to find the truth of life, you are here to find the wisdom of God, and that is that all are equal, that you are all here on earth to find your true self, whether that is in higher material positions or in the lowest place in society. Remember this, my friend, when you have acquired wealth in your life, then you must look upon your fellow beings as equals, as your brothers and sisters, because you are all in one big family, and in that family you share, you take care of each other, you help each other, because that is the only way to a dignified life, to a decent life of being, that is how you find your path towards your Father, towards his love for you. That is the only way to find your oneness with God. That is where you will find the supreme power of the universe, the supreme power of love and peace within yourself, that is where you will find your true self, that is your origin, that is where your father dwells and waits for your spark that he gave you at birth, that he wanted you to nurture, to bring to such an elevation of love that you become one in his consciousness of love for you, for you all.

Do not set yourself apart; do not create separateness between your brothers and sisters, between your friends on the earth plane. When you see a brother and sister that are doing the will of your father, and the will of your Father is to bring love to your brothers and sisters on earth, then you have raised yourself, then you have found the true path of life, then you yourself have become love.

When you are one with your Father, then you will look upon the people of the earth and know the wisdom of God, and when you see a brother or sister that is doing the will of your Father, that brother or sister will be a beloved friend of yours, because you are one when you become love, become one with God in his consciousness of love.

God is love. God is unconditional love. God is in you and is waiting for the spark of your soul to find its pathway towards the beauty in life, towards the treasure that you can create within yourself, the heaven that you were given at birth, that you might have forgotten, that you must find if you have gone astray. It is within you, heaven is within, and you can find this heaven when you search, when you give of yourself, when you give love, when you share your love with your brothers and sisters on earth.

What a wonderful message we have for you. What a wonderful way of life we can show you, what a wonderful creation God has made for you, what a wonderful beauty he gave you at birth, what a wonderful and dignified life you can have here on earth; a life in nobility, a life in concern for others, a life in spiritual wealth where you will find supreme peace of mind when you become one with your Father. You can fulfil yourself with the love of the universe, you can find this beauty when you search because the door will be open, the door will be wide open when you search in love. When you build the bridge between our two worlds and where brothers and sisters can be one in union with God, because that union is of the power of the universe, the power of God, a power that humanity must search for, and when they find it they will create heaven on earth, they will find the love that they were given at birth, that they were part of, that they are in oneness of. God dwells on earth, and when he sees the flickering within your soul, he is there and starts operating within you, giving you love that you can pour over your brothers and sisters, so you can fulfil your task, your mission on the earth plane, so you as the child of your Father, can fulfil yourself, can find your true self, can be the hands of God on the earth plane.

God dwells within you. Let him shine forth; let him create the heaven with you. Be his hands on the earth plane, so you can help all his children, all your brothers and sisters, so you can find peace and love among you, so you can create a harmonious world, a world without suffering and despair, without violence, without war, without the passions that hold you down. Get rid of selfishness, get rid of greed and vanity, and let love and honesty and truthfulness to yourself and to others shine forth. Let that be your pathway in life, so you can be a beloved brother or sister, so you can be part of the beauty in life, the heaven of God, the heaven of love. It is there for you to find within yourself. Care for every brother and sister on earth. Care for every individual. Care for all children of God, because you are all of the same spirit, you are all children of the Almighty spirit. You are all eternal beings with the beauty of God within yourselves, find this beauty and you have found yourselves.

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