18. Wisdom of the Spirit


I am a human being,
I am a spirit of God,
An eternal life,
An eternal wisdom.

Wisdom brought alive,
Wisdom that created my physical self,
A human body
Facilitated by the wisdom of God.

Alive here on Earth,
Made by the elements of life,
Made by the elements of the universe,
The wisdom of the spirit is within you.

Wisdom of love,
The wisdom of life,
Love is life,
Spirit is life,
An everlasting life
Brought into being by the universal force,
By the love that made all there is.

Love made all,
Love from God,
Love from the wisdom of life,
Eternal wisdom.

Wisdom of the spirit is you,
Your innermost being,
The spirit that keeps you alive,
That drives your physical self,
That makes your heart beat,
Heartbeats of love,
Given to you to sustain life,
For you to learn life,
For you to raise yourself towards God,
Towards the love that made you,
The wisdom of the spirit,
The wisdom of God.

An everlasting life,
The wisdom of the spirit,
An everlasting love,
The wisdom of the spirit.

Love is everything,
Love is all there is,
The supreme power that made all,
That gives life to everything,
The wisdom behind all there is.

God is within, waiting for your presence,
For your wisdom to reach the light of love within yourself,
The wisdom that creates heaven within,
God’s love for you all.

Open the door to your innermost being,
To your spirit,
And let your love for your fellow beings,
For the Creation,
Come alive, come into being,
Within the wisdom of love.

Reach for that wisdom of the spirit
And it is yours,
Given to all,
Given to everyone that search within themselves,
That is where you find peace of mind,
That is where you find yourself, your true self,
The spirit of God.

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