18. Trust


A friend of yours is coming to you for advice. Your friend has experienced a day where people that were close had been dishonest, had not told the truth, and this had cost your friend his job, caused your friend the loss of income to sustain and take care of his family. People that were trusted had failed, the reliance on their integrity, on their honesty, on their kindness and friendliness, on their loyalty were lost. Your friend had experienced that the word of ‘trust’ had vanished as when the sun reveals the truth through the daylight. Your friend had seen and experienced what truly people that were friends could perform in their selfish desire, in their vanity and misuse of power.

Your friend comes to you because you have the trust the integrity, the kindness, the friendliness the trust that your friend is in need of when lost in despair, lost in hope for the future. When a friend comes to you with such a task, you are honoured by his trust, you are honoured by his belief that you can help, that you can be of assistance, that you can bring comfort, that you can see things differently, that you know that your friend was not the cause of the problem, and that people had, by their passions of the material kind, forgotten about a friend, a brother, a sister, that they should have taken care of, but failed to do so.

My friend, this is a lesson of the material world, because people make mistakes, people do not know themselves and are caught by their selfish desires. If they had known the fact that what they do to others they do to themselves, they would have behaved differently, they would not have given in to the passions of the negative sort, passions that hold you down, that do not lift you up spiritually, that do not bring you peace of mind, that do not build and nourish the beauty that you have within yourself, the heaven that you can form as your treasure in life. They do not know themselves.

Now, my friend, what advice could you give your friend that comes to you in despair without hope for the future? This is the school of life here on earth. You are a spirit of God, and you must understand that people are of different spirituality. Some are undeveloped and some have climbed the ladder, and you will meet the varieties on the earth plane that is why you have experienced this failure from other people. They do not have the truth of life. They don’t know that there is a life after this life on earth. You are an eternal being, and you are here on earth to experience, to see, the passions of the earth and to master them. That is why, my friend, you meet such struggle in life, that is why you meet people that are unpleasant, that do not care for their fellow beings, that in their vanity set themselves apart and create separateness. Love is the answer, love for your brothers and sisters to find peace within you. Forgive them, and find another path in life because there are friendly people, there are people that are developed spiritually, that are kind, that are friendly, that are of such a quality that you term them of high integrity, people that are honest, that bring you comfort and love, and that you can trust with your heart.

Have this in mind, find peace within even though you have been hurt, forgive and you will build up the love and the treasure within yourself. Trust in God. Say to yourself “My trust is in God”, and when you say this, you say that your trust is in love, because God is love. He never fails you, he will never leave you, he will always be there trying to give you comfort, trying to give you the wisdom of life, so you can enhance yourself, so you can level yourself above the failures of others. There are always opportunities start looking, go forward and do not look back. Start anew and with the energy of the love that you can receive from your Creator when you have found his treasure within yourself, the love that he brought to the world when you were born, the seed that is there for you to find, that is there for you to nourish, for you to nourish in love for your fellow beings. That is my advice to you, my friend, and I can hold your hand so you can feel the trust of God, the trust of love, because God is within, God is there where love is.

People that are not truthful, that are untruthful to other human beings, are untruthful to themselves, because what you do to others, you do unto yourself. We are all in this family on earth, we are all children of the same Father, the same Creator. We are all brothers and sisters, and when you come to the world beyond you will know that what you sowed was what you reaped. The world within, the heaven that you have built in love on the earth plane, will be transparent in the world beyond. There are no secrets, all will one day be an open book, and you, all of you, will judge yourself, judge your life, what you made out of your life on earth. Bring love to your fellow beings and you will read beautiful poems and hymns in that book, because they were your traces that you left behind on earth, open for everyone. My trust is in God, my trust is in love.

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