18. Purification


In your lifetime on the earth plane you have made many mistakes, you have made many errors and that is human nature, that is how you evolve, that is how you evolve through many lives whether they are on the earth plane or in other worlds. You must remember, my friend, that you are a spirit and you are here on earth to walk the school of life in the material aspect of living, because in the material world you will have many challenges that you will not have in the spirit world where you have no physical body as you have today. That is not to say that you do not have a body in the world beyond, but your body is of a higher vibration, and when you have reached the light, when you are truly one with God, then there is no need for any shape or form because at that time you are pure light and this light is love. Even so, you will have your individuality intact. You will still have your mind and your intellect, but it is far beyond your comprehension today, and it is knowledge from our brethren in higher spheres that I am giving you through the medium in Trance.

Messengers from the higher spheres come to us and teach us as we teach you. You see, my friend, we live in different spheres of life and teach our brethren in lower spheres. That is how we evolve further towards our Almighty Father. Even in our world, people are making mistakes, but they are not hidden as they are on the earth plane, because there are no secrets in the world beyond. Everything can be seen immediately when an error has been made. But there is purification both in the material world and in the world beyond. There is purification all the way towards God and that is where you will arrive completely purified finally because God is pure love.

Then, my friend, how do you purify yourself on earth?
In your mind you have all the episodes in life, and your mistakes are all there. Yes, you have suppressed many of them to your subconscious, but suddenly they come to the surface and remind you of your errors. How can you erase the episodes, the situations in life that you do not want to stay in your mind? Well, my friend, I can say this to you: that they will still be part of you, but you can overshadow these episodes by raising yourself spiritually. When you give love to your fellow beings, when you feel that the love you have within is one with your Creator, that you have God within, that you are part of God, that he is part of your life and you pour that love and his love over your pathway in life, you purify yourself. When you become unselfish, you purify yourself, and you will feel that there is no need for more than a modest life. You will see that vanity is the cause of many mistakes in your life where you let pride and your integrity become at play in different situations. Leave vanity and pride and behold your integrity, and you purify yourself, because if you are not truthful to self, you are not being honest with your spiritual self. When you have purified yourself you will not have any envy or jealousy towards your brethren. You will know that love and truthfulness are foremost and that the principle of charity is your path in life that purifies your whole being.

When you know yourself, and when you know that you need to purify yourself to raise yourself spiritually, then you will know that purification is your salvation. Forgiveness and humbleness will be part of what you receive and they will mirror you when you purify yourself, because when you forgive, you receive forgiveness from your Father, from God within yourself, from your spiritual self, and you have to humble yourself to be at peace and to achieve the felicity that you can have on earth.

Christ knew the truth, and he was the way and the light. He knew that purification was the path to his Father, and if you want to raise yourself spiritually, you have to love your neighbour, you have to love your Father, do his will and be one in him. Then and only then, you will be one in love and achieve purification. These were his teachings to you.

My friend, you can reach peace within. You can have peace of mind when you raise yourself spiritually, when you purify yourself, and purification of yourself is when you have complete and pure love. You have reached the highest within, when there is forgiveness towards your fellow beings, when there is no jealousy, no pride, no vanity, no greed and no selfishness, when you have painted yourself inside out with love. And when you have reached that state of purity, then you have achieved purification. Then you are truly one with your Father in love.

Start today, my friend. Look at yourself, look at your behaviour, evaluate your sayings, evaluate every day and ask yourself what mistakes did I make today and what can I do to expiate them? How can I redeem my mistakes, my errors, my faults? Do I have to forgive someone? Do I have to ask for forgiveness for sayings that I have made? Do I have to help someone that I caused pain? Every day, challenge yourself and ask yourself these questions, and then, my friend, you will purify yourself and climb the ladder of spirituality every day. With patience you will purify your inner self. In time, you will be a light for others where love will be your foremost mission in life. Let God be part of your purification; let him guide your life.

He will listen when you ask, and he will send his messengers when you ask for guidance.

Purification is love,
Purification is to become unselfish,
Purification is humbleness,
Purification is forgiveness,
Purification is kindness,
Purification is truthfulness to self,
Purification is honesty in all walks of life,
Purification is to make friendship,
Purification is to provide charity,
Purification is to help your brethren,
Purification is to know that you are an eternal self,
Purification is to know the beauty within,
Purification is to build the treasure within,
Purification is the knowledge of your real self,
Purification is to know God and his wisdom,
Purification is to be one with God.

With purification you will have peace; peace with yourself and with God.

In purification you find the hidden beauty within, the love from your Father in heaven.

What a wonderful message we have for you, my friend. You can purify yourself; you can ameliorate yourself on earth, achieve felicity and peace of mind.

When you have purified yourself, then unselfishness will be part of your truthfulness to your brethren, and charity and love will be your pathway. Then you will help all children on earth, then you will strive for heaven on earth where there is pure love, where there is no hunger and no war, where cruelty is erased, and where love is the only word among people.

Purification of your world is our mission. We want to help you. We come to teach you that love must reign to create better conditions for everyone, to raise your world spiritually from selfishness and cruelty, from hunger and war, so you can meet heaven when you are still on the earth plane. That is our mission, my friend, to purify your world, to purify every soul with love on your beautiful blue planet.

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