18. Peace of Mind


You live in a world that does not have peace of heart.
You live in a world of despair.
You live in a world where love is a hidden treasure.
You live in a world with so much selfishness.
You live in a world where people misuse their power.
You live in a world where children go hungry to bed.
You live in a world where humankind is bringing misfortune upon the creation of your Creator, of the Almighty Spirit.

You can have peace upon earth.
You can create peace and love among yourselves.
You can create peace for the human race, because you have the power within yourself. You have the power to share the wealth, the resources of your world, so children can have a prosperous and wealthy life, where they don’t need to go hungry, whilst others drown in their wealth and misfortune.

You see, my friend, love is the key to making your world unselfish. Love is the key to bringing fortune, to bringing happiness to every child, to every human being on earth. You can bring peace of mind to the consciousness of your world. Within yourself you have the seed, the seed of love from your Father in heaven. You are part of his love and of his creation.

You have a duty to perform, you have a mission, and that is to bring love, to bring understanding and forgiveness and to become unselfish, so the resources of your world can be kept in the hands of all of God’s children. Selfishness is the root of the misfortune and despair of your world and likewise of your own being. You will not achieve peace of mind if you do not let go of yourself, if you do not leave selfishness behind, if you do not have love in your heart, if you cannot forgive, and when you cannot understand the school of life that you are partaking in, because where you are at present is where your Father has given you the opportunity to learn and to achieve peace of mind.

The struggles of the earth, the suffering that you experience because of your own or others’ despair, you will learn from, either the hard way, through your own life, or through the pain of seeing the sorrow of your fellow beings, where you so much would like to help, but where you did not have the resources.

My friend, have faith in God. That will keep you strong in your endeavours, in your struggles to help wherever you can, to sow love wherever you can, to give of yourself wherever you can, and meet with tolerance, patience and forgiveness wherever you can. All these attributes of love will raise your self high up above mundane things and the struggles of your world, and give you peace of mind.

From the sayings of Christ: “My yoke is light, for I am gentle and humble in heart.” Christ had so much love in his heart, so much faith in God that he could forgive even the people that crucified him. He had peace of heart, peace of mind, and so can you, because Christ showed the way. He showed the way to behave. Love your neighbour and love your Father in heaven, because then you will unite in love, because your Father is pure love.

Raise yourself in love. Raise yourself above your material world. Raise yourself spiritually. Nurture your spiritual being by love for your fellow beings.

Start with a blank piece of paper and write the words;


Release yourself from the passions of the earth. You are part of God, and he wanted you to have peace of mind, and he has given you the light and the pathway. My friend, you can achieve peace of mind, you can have God’s love in your heart.

Bring peace and love, and you will see that your pathway will flourish and be beautiful, a pathway that will leave a treasure for the next generations, a treasure that you can be proud of, and that you will open up in heaven, that will beautify your whole being, a treasure that truly will be crowned by the Almighty.

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