18. Love Peace


Peace on earth will be your heaven on earth.

On this Planet Earth everything was made and prepared for you to live a peaceful and harmonious life. In the beginning was the word love. That word soared over your planet and made all there is, because love in itself is the power of the universe, the power of God.

God made you; he made the planets, the stars and the universe. Nothing comes by itself, nothing can evolve from nothing, so you, my friend, are a creation by God, a creation that was given the hands of God from the beginning, and when you came to this world, when you saw the daylight of this world at birth, your hands were clean, your hands were of God, and you poured love towards your parents with your small wonderful hands.

You are here on this earth plane to evolve, to develop yourself, your spiritual self, so you can create peace and love on your pathway in life, so your world can be heaven on earth, so your world can have peace and love, because that is heaven. That is what we have in the world beyond. You can be in oneness with your Father, you as we on this side, you can create that love within yourself, you can nourish the treasure, the heaven within that you were given by your Father at birth, as a little seed, as a little grain for you to find in life. It is a constant love coming from your Father, which you have to grasp, the wisdom of love. You have to find this within yourself so you can evolve and find your true self. That is finding the pathway towards God, towards the oneness of his consciousness, his love for you.

Love peace; that is to heighten yourself and find your true self, so you can pour this love that you have within yourself towards your brothers and sisters on earth, towards every child on the earth plane, because you are one big family and you are all children of God. You are all of importance. You are all the same. There are no positions in the world beyond. There is no vanity that will get you to a higher position, there is no material wealth that you will strive for on this side because the treasure that you can have here is love, is peace within yourself. And you, my friend, have the capability and the possibility to create this treasure when on earth. You can find your true self, and you can find love and peace within yourself. You can create heaven before you come to this side, and that heaven will be transparent in this world. You will find yourself in the conditions that you have made for yourself, and when you have not behaved on the earth plane, when you have brought yourself a misfortune on earth by selfishness, by cruelty, by violence towards your brothers and sisters, well then, my friend, those are the conditions that you create for yourself on this side as well, and that is what you may term hell, because there is no such thing as eternal hell in the world beyond where there is fire and disgust. No, my friend, you create your own conditions on this side as well as on your side, but in the world beyond it is your thoughts, your own mind that will meet your spirit eyes, that will meet your world that you have within yourself, and that will be clear as day on that day you come to this side of life. So, my friend, be sure that you cultivate love and peace when on earth, be sure that you bring charity and give of yourself, be sure that you foster love and that you on your pathway only bring peace and do not release any of the passions that bring misfortune to humanity, to your fellow beings on earth.

Everything is correlated. Let your earth plane that was made out of love, let your self that was made out of love, let Mother Nature that was made out of love, evolve and integrate into peace and love. That is the word that was brought to you by God from the very beginning of your earth plane, of yourself, that you receive when you are born to this world. You are born with love in your heart and that is your basic instinct because that is of God, and then when you travel the pathway on the earth plane, you meet the passions of the earth that bring misfortune or that you can reverse and raise yourself above and turn to fortune and serve your brothers and sisters that bring fortune to their lives.

God’s hands dwell upon the earth because God is everything there is. God is in you, God is in nature, God is in everything on the earth plane and in the universe. God is all there is. God is love, and God is your salvation because when you pour love into your heart you redeem yourself, you raise yourself spiritually. You can find the pathway towards your Father and be one with him in love, be in oneness with the Creator of all there is. That is your destination my friend, that is where you will find love, peace and harmony. That is the supreme power of the universe. The supreme power of love and peace is of God. Love peace because that is what your Father is, that is what your Creator made your world of. He created you by love and peace in heart. Let this flourish within yourself so you can be a light for others, so you can leave a beautiful meadow of flowers behind you, so others can see your beauty, so others can say: That is where I want to go, that is where I will find love and peace in life.

It should be obvious to you my friend, it should be obvious to humanity, where to walk in life, where to find your path, where to travel in life. Make sure that your journey is towards your Creator, and in your luggage you bring with you love and peace, and he will carry you on your journey and you will find the grace of your Father in life, because he will be proud of you when you are his hands on the earth plane, as a father and mother would be proud of their son or daughter when they created love and peace on earth.

Remind yourself, my friend, that you are born out of love, and that you are part of God because you have the spirit of your Creator within you. You would not be alive without this connection towards the power in the universe. It drives your physical body, because when you leave your physical body behind, when you leave this earth plane, in death, as you term it, your spirit revives and is you. That is when you will see your true self and what you made out of life, what life you created for your spirit on the other side of the veil. There is always hope. There is always help on this side as well but, my friend, be sure that you, when you open the door to the kingdom of God in the world beyond, that you have the luggage of love and peace in heart because that is what you will receive, and that is your heaven on this side of life when you have fulfilled yourself, when you have been a servant of your Creator in humbleness, in love, in dignity.

Love peace. Sow love, sow peace, and that is exactly the heaven that you create within yourself, love and peace.

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