18. Dreams and consciousness


Every night in your dreams you have the potential for joining our world. Your consciousness and spirituality determines your pathway to our dimension of life. During sleep many of you come to this side and mingle with your friends. Your loved ones, family and friends are there waiting for you. For a time you can then be with your loved ones in the same manner as you would do here on earth. In sleep you do not carry around your physical body.

Your vibration of your spiritual body determines your place on this side in the spirit world. You cannot reach a higher vibration or place of being than you are fit for. Actually, in sleep you experience this world, as you will do after your death. So, when you have sweet dreams, you have entered this world for a while, and you meet people that you love. Unfortunately, you will say that you cannot remember, but sometimes you do.

We on this side look forward to your sleep, because then we can be together in love and harmony, enjoying our company together in this beautiful land of God’s kingdom beyond the earth plane. Sometimes in your dreams your brains try to sort out different aspects of life. You then see things that are fantasies, dreams that are of the physical body where passions of life disturb your consciousness. But all this depends on your spiritual progress and pathway, because everything is learning, everything is there for you to sort out. With spiritual awareness, you will more and more join our world in sleep and have dreams of joy and pleasure.

Your brain and your mind are two different aspects of your consciousness. When you come to this world you leave your physical brain behind, but you bring along your mind, your thoughts and your spiritual awareness, because that is your inner self, your eternal self, that you cannot cast aside, ever.

All is there in your subconscious mind, but is distorted due to your physical brain. Deep inside in that subconscious you have your past experiences, and if you so wish, your past lives from different spheres. Above all, your consciousness is the real and logical mind that you shall be aware of and put emphasis on when in your physical body, because you have been given your senses, the logical and physical brain as part of your physical body. Everything else may disturb your mind. Always be aware of your consciousness.

All your thoughts, all the pathways and the network that you have established are part of your subconscious, but you have to sort things out with your conscious mind, and the conscious mind prevails always. That is where you have sorted out right from wrong, and where you have your present character established. That is also where you have your personality which is part of your inner self.

Listen to your inner self, to your consciousness, to your spiritual awareness and know that you are part of the creator. You are part of the universe, and nothing can ever take that from you. That’s where you have always been, and that is where you always will be, a being in the universal creation, a part of the consciousness of the universe. By your thoughts you create, and your consciousness creates your future. You are part of the universal consciousness, because you are children of God, the mightiest force in the universe. Love is all there is. Love is everything. Strive for love. Let your consciousness be love.

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