18. Animals

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The animal kingdom is of God. They are all on the earth plane to perform a task, from the smallest creatures that you cannot see with your physical eyes to the biggest animals of the earth, the elephants. All living beings, all animals have a spirit within themselves. If not they would not be alive. They would merely be flesh, or what do you think my friend? Would they exist at all if they did not have the spirit within? Of course not. The spirit within is the power, the electricity if you so wish to term it, the electric power. The spirit within needs to be there from creation, from birth. Nothing exists in this world without the power of God, the power of love. Sometimes you may think: Why are animals behaving as they do? Why can they not just live in peace? Why do they have to fight? Why do they have to kill each other? Well, my friend, that is part of the value chain. Some animals are food for other animals to sustain the growth of the species. All is part of God’s plan.

You enjoy animals in your household. As a farmer, enjoy the cattle that give you nutrition of the physical kind, that give you pleasure in seeing them, because they are beautiful in your eyes. When you milk the cow, you provide nutrition for children, and for every one of us. You give the cow the feeling of goodness, of providing something special in the value chain. Be kind, show kindness towards animals, because they are part of God, they are part of you. We enjoy every one of us the creatures in our families, whether it is a dog or a cat, that is, if we love them as we are supposed to do.

On this side of life, we have all the animals of the earth, but we have the animals that we loved around us. Animals enjoy the afterlife as we do. Here they can express themselves in all its beauties. They communicate far easier with thought as they do on earth, but as we do not understand on the earth plane. When we come to this side of life, we also communicate with the animals in the form of thought. We understand each other, but they are still animals, and they still have the thoughts of animals, and we regard them as our dear friends.

No animal on this side has any need to eat and is therefore not dangerous to anyone anymore. Give them love and you can enjoy their friendship. We can still use our horses for adventures in our free spare time. We can use them if they enjoy our company, and in a way they use us as their friends, because we can give them love, and they feel one with us.

You will meet your animals that you loved and that you cared for on this side of life. They will still be your friends. They will be attracted to you and be in your presence, when you so wish, because they love you. Your dog, your cat, your horse yes whatever animal you cared for you will meet again in love and in respect for each other. You still play with your animals. You still enjoy their company. They provide you with calm and peace because it is their instinct. They want to be peaceful. They want to give you peace. They want to cheer you up, as they do on earth, but it is more real because here you live in a real world and your thoughts are real, and where you understand each other perfectly.

Cruelty to animals must be stopped on earth. No production of animals should be done for the sake of vanity. Animals should be cared for, and in consequence provide you nutrition with love. The bees give you honey. They live in peace, and they create beautiful nutrition. You are provided with eggs, with milk, with butter, with cheese, all given to you naturally.

Look to the animals and see and observe how they care for their infants, raised on instincts from the Almighty, given to them. That is the wisdom behind; that we should care for each other. God has created the value chain of the living, and everything is done in love. Care for your animals; give them love as your Father in heaven does towards everyone.

The kingdom of the animals is here on earth as it is in heaven. They are provided for in all ways, as you yourself. Look at the butterfly. Imagine yourself in that creation. The butterfly gives you a picture of the life you start from to the paradise that you can be part of. One day in this school of life, you will break through from the cocoon and open your wings and fly like the butterfly in all its beauties and colours. So it will be when you arrive in the paradise on this side that you created yourself on earth before you became the flying spirit. Your cocoon was left behind, the cocoon that was the earthly life, your school of life that you had to accomplish before you could achieve the beauty of the butterfly within yourself, which is love, love towards your fellow beings, love towards animals, and love towards God.

God created animals so you could learn from them. Watch them. They are truly part of your life and you yourself, because we are all one in the consciousness of God, the Creator of the universe.

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