18. A Word of Honour


As a child you were brought up with a question: Are you telling the truth or are you telling a lie? And when you where brought up with love, with honesty, brought up to be truthful to yourself, then it became natural to you to tell the truth, then lies would cause you trouble within, because you would feel that something was wrong with your expression, with your speech. If you were brought up with lies, with untruthfulness, without love, then that was your reference and lies would feel easier for you to be comfortable with, because that had been your teachings from childhood. You see, my friend, what you have been brought up with influences your life, influences how you attend to other human beings, what kind of truthfulness you have within yourself, the truthfulness that is related to kindness and friendliness towards your fellow beings.

On the earth plane you say that when a person has integrity, that human being will not tell you a lie, because that is correlated with honesty. But I can tell you this, that if that integrity is based on materiality, and not on spirituality, then the faith within that individual is questionable, because

Honesty and spirituality go hand in hand,
Integrity and spirituality go hand in hand,
Love and spirituality go hand in hand,
Kindness and spirituality go hand in hand,
Friendliness and spirituality go hand in hand,
Charity and spirituality go hand in hand,
Sharing and spirituality go hand in hand,
Humbleness and spirituality go hand in hand,
Forgiveness and spirituality go hand in hand,

Dishonesty is of the physical flesh and is caught by the passion of selfishness. Dishonesty holds you down from the spiritual ladder, from being in oneness with your Father, and from doing his will, because your Father is love and in love you find the word of honour. That is where you will find integrity, faith, love and peace, all the words of honour that go hand in hand with spirituality.

In your lifetime you have made many mistakes, because that is human and that is why you are here on earth to learn, to learn the struggles of life, to learn and to master the passions of life, so you can raise yourself spiritually, so you yourself can be a word of honour, so you can fill yourself with love, and let that shine forth as your integrity in life. Love and integrity go hand in hand with spirituality. You see, my friend, to find the truth within yourself, you have to heighten yourself, to understand that there is no death, that you are an eternal being, that you are part of God, because that divine spark was given to you at birth, that connection with your Father as a silver cord, similar to the cord that connects the child with the mother.

You are an eternal being, you have a spirit within you that keeps the physical flesh alive, and when that silver cord is disconnected, then you depart from your physical world, and arrive in the spirit world. What you have created for yourself, the heaven, the treasure from the divine spark that was there for you to nourish through your lifetime, you will bring with you to the spirit world, a treasure that will not be destroyed by moth and rust. This treasure should be the word of honour that you created on the earth plane, the love that you gave to your fellow beings, because what you give you will receive from your Father in heaven.

Love is foremost in life. Let love prevail in your life, let love build your spiritual self, heighten your self and mirror your self. Let your spiritual self prevail and dominate your physical self, because that is where your treasure is, that is where the divine spark is, that is where divine love is, that is where you connect yourself with your Father in love, in his consciousness of love. That is the only pathway to peace of mind, that is the only pathway to raise yourself spiritually, and that is the only pathway to find your true self.

People of the earth are driven by materiality, driven by the need for supply of food foremost, and the passions of life dominate their material mind. That is where selfishness comes into the picture, and where the sharing of the resources of your world is failing. It is this passion of the earth that brings misfortune to you and to humanity, a passion that you should master. The suffering you see in your world, all the cruelty and the wars, is all caused by misuse of power, selfishness, vanity and greed. That is the evil of the earth, and you are here, you, my friend, are here to conquer evil and bring love forth. You can be a messenger of God, a messenger of love to your earth plane when you have found yourself, your spiritual self, when you see all the trouble that is caused by selfishness, by the misuse of power in your world.

When you let love reign over your heart, then you will give a helping hand to everyone that crosses your path, everyone in your world, because you are all children of God, you are all part of the Almighty Spirit, all of you. And the material plane keeps this as a hidden treasure for you to find, so you can in this school of life raise yourself and climb to your higher self, so you can be part of the healing work, so you can be the hands of God, so your world can be healed, healed from all the suffering that you can see with your physical eyes every day.

The conflicts that exist in your world can be conquered by love and charity, by negotiation, because all of you, including people that are in conflict, want to have peace, want to achieve peace, but they have to see the truth, they have to see that they are eternal beings, that they are blindfolded because they distance themselves from God, from his love for you all. The sun reveals that your Father does not differentiate between any of his children. It shines upon you all. Let that be a sign for you to bring forward to your world that you do not differentiate between any of the children on earth. Everyone has the same rights, human rights, everyone should have their need fulfilled for food, everyone should be given love, so everyone can have the same fundament for a peaceful, joyful and happy life.

You see, my friend, your world is far from the word of honour. Your political leaders are far from the word of honour when they allow the suffering that you can see with your physical eyes in your world. And you, as with all, should do your utmost to influence your leaders for creating a world of peace and harmony where war, suffering and cruelty are abandoned. Then you can say to yourself that the word of honour has been accomplished. Then you can say to yourself that the treasure that you bring along to the spirit world one day is your word of honour.

Love is the word of honour, because love prevails above all other words of your world. Let love reign over your heart, let love reign over your world, and the truth of life will emerge as the word of honour, as the word of God.

Spirituality is your pathway to find your higher self, where you will find the word of honour. Let faith in God be your word of honour, because that is where you find truth; the truth of yourself and the truth of life.

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