17. The Higher Self

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There is a divine spark within you. You are part of divinity as the spark is of God, and it keeps you alive on the material plane. At birth the divine spark was merged with your physical body completely, because during pregnancy you were connected your spiritual self, the divine spark was connected to the embryo that was in the womb of your mother, but it was when you saw the daylight in the material world that the divine spark completely merged with your physical body. Then you became a whole being, a physical being for the earth plane.

On this plane of life, the physical body meets obstacles and the passions of the physical world. You are an eternal being and you have always been a child and part of God, but you came to earth to express yourself in another part of life. The earth plane is a school of life on the material plane, it gives you the different options within life, the options to do good and to do evil, and you were given free will by your Father when you departed the spirit world, and arrived on this material level. So, my friend, you can see that the school of life here on earth and your free will is part of your evolution, is part of bringing clarity to your mind and how you can develop yourself, what direction you would like to walk in life.

Within your self this divine spark is a hidden treasure, that you will have to seek for and you will have to understand that this spiritual self is as real as your physical body, but you cannot see this self with your physical eyes. It is like a jewel in a deep well of water, where the waterfall is the love from God that fills the well within you with pure love, with unconditional love. But you have to understand that the water is more than water, it is of God. And to find the jewel, you have to dive deep inside yourself, and find this beauty that was given to you at birth, the divine spark. When you have found this wonderful treasure you will nurture this with love for your fellow beings, for humanity, because then you will understand that what you give to others, you give to yourself. You will understand that selfishness was there for you to master, because that is one of the major obstacles on earth to finding your real self, to making yourself unselfish, to getting rid of greed, vanity and the lust of the physical flesh. Giving love is the nurturing that you will have to do to raise yourself spiritually, because it is your own spirituality that will show you the jewel, the treasure within yourself, that you can build, develop, and evolve with on the earth plane.

When you let that divine spark, the spiritual self, the spirit within you, evolve to such a level where that spirit dominates your whole being, your physical and spiritual self, and when you see that love is foremost in your world to raise humanity, to raise every soul on your earth to a higher level, then you are travelling the path to your higher self. When you feel you are one with your Father in love, when you become unconditional love, then you have reached your higher self, because then you are one with your Father, then you are in oneness with his consciousness of love, then you are one with the mightiest force of the universe, which is love. You see, you have the power within yourself; you have the power of love. And when you become in oneness with this power, you are one with your Father, as Christ was. He was the light, the truth and the life, and you and him and God and all of humanity are part of the same God, the same divinity.

You can raise yourself towards God as Christ did. You can be as one in love, in love for all, for all children of God, for humanity, for Mother Nature, and when you are one, then you have reached your higher self, then you have found the treasure within yourself, and you have found the heaven that you have built within that is one with your Father in heaven.

God is love and your higher self is love, because you are of God and the higher self is godlike, is divine, is of divinity. When you humble yourself, when you become a humble servant of the Almighty Spirit, when you become a messenger of God, and you do the will of your Father, when you feel the presence of God within your heart, when you see that charity is your task and your mission in life to help your brethren, to raise every individual to a higher level, to give love, to establish peace, to erase all the cruelty of your world, all the suffering that is caused by selfishness of your world, then you are following the pathway of love, then you are a messenger of God when you give love and help everyone that crosses your pathway, that needs your assistance, that wants to have the knowledge, to have the truth of life.

There is no death, my friend, you are an eternal being and you came to this world from the world beyond and you will again enter the spirit world when you have accomplished the school of life, when you depart from this world, because you are part of the evolution, you are part of God, and you have always been. I know it may be difficult to comprehend when I say to you that you are an eternal being, but when you know that you have a divine spark within yourself, that your spiritual self is your real self, and your physical body is merely here for you to learn the lessons of the material plane, then it is easier to understand what life is about, the meaning of life.

The meaning of life is love, because love is of God and when you truly fill your heart with love, you will have peace of mind, you will be part of the supreme peace that is of God.

You are here on earth to raise yourself spiritually, to climb the ladder to your higher self that is the meaning of life, and you reach the higher self by love. Love is the key to finding your real self, to finding the higher self, because when you let love prevail in your life, then all the passions are mastered, all the passions of the material world, the obstacles, the hindrances, the illnesses. All is there for you to raise yourself and to see that what you gave you received, because everything is the law of cause and effect.

Reach for the bright light within yourself that is the pathway towards your higher self. It is a pathway where you will have to strive, where you have to struggle, because it is in struggle that you have the experience and have the possibilities to enhance yourself, to turn the stones, turn the coin, so you can see both sides of life, so you can find the right route where you can be part of the harmony and find your paradise within you.

Your higher self is love, your higher self is one with your Father, your higher self does the will of your Father, your higher self is the highest spirituality that you can attend to because it is in oneness in the consciousness of God, the consciousness of unconditional love.

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