17. Solve Conflicts

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In your world there are many conflicts that cause suffering and despair for a tremendous number of human beings, for animals, and for Mother Nature. And all the conflicts of your world are caused by yourselves, by humanity in its ignorance, in its greed, in its selfish acts and motives. Humanity can blame itself for all the suffering and the despair that you see in your world, and even though you are aware of the fact that children are suffering and do not receive their provision, the nutrition that is needed to sustain their lives, you with your present technology, with your information technology, with your media, with your television sets, can watch people in despair and most people do not lift a finger nor their voice for these catastrophes of your world. It has become part of the news lines, part of your life to such a degree that you regard it as part of the picture of your world, as part of the despair of your world.

Your union of friendship between nations, the United Nations, goes into conflicts to find solutions, not only with peaceful means, but also targeting their weapons towards innocent people, because when they use their massive weapons of destruction to solve conflicts they are making the wrong path. Then they are themselves bringing misfortune to your world, to people in need; to people that cannot be blamed for the conflicts of your world. Every conflict must be dealt with in peaceful ways, and it can be solved with peaceful means when all have the same knowledge, when all have the same wisdom of life, and that is what you all on the earth plane must understand, that the conflicts of your world cannot be solved if the knowledge of life has not been brought to you all.

The United Nations, the security council, must understand that all the people of this world have the same right to a sustainable life, have the same right for peace, have the same right for protection, have the same right for avoiding war as the people that sit in their cabinets, that sit in meetings and have their breakfast, their lunch, their dinner in comfortable and secure places. You see, my friend, when people, leaders of your world, decide on the welfare of other nations and they use weapons as their means of solving conflicts, it cannot be more wrong. It is the killing of innocent people, of creations of God. And you are not in any circumstance allowed in your Father’s eyes to kill another human being. That is beyond your mandate to kill any of his children.

Political leaders think that when all, as they say, ‘all peaceful means’ have been tried, then weapons are the next thing. Well I can say this to the political leaders: that what they term the next thing cannot be weapons, but knowledge. What they have to provide for your world is knowledge, that there is always a road of peaceful means to solve conflicts. They have to tell the world that there must be a way of solving a conflict that is not of cruelty, that is not of violence towards innocent people that just want to live in peace, that just want to have a sustainable life, that just want to be with their families, like the political leaders themselves that decide to go to means of destruction to protect. In protecting people you are not going to war; you protect with peaceful means. You can defend yourself. That is a right. That is a human right. You can help other people to protect themselves, you can bring the means for them to protect themselves, you can help them, and you can be their shield. But when you take the step of destruction, killing innocent people, then you have taken the wrong path.

We on this side of life, we see how weapons of destruction are just causing harm and not solving conflicts, not solving the despair and suffering of your world, because with destruction, more destruction will follow. With peace, more peace will follow, more love will be poured over the conflicts, and that is the way to solve conflicts. The one and only way of solving conflicts in your world is by peaceful means. Provide the knowledge to your world that there is no death, that you survive your physical body. That is something that must come to the knowledge of your world.

Use your effort to understand life. Use the means that you are providing for weapons of destruction to alleviate the suffering and despair of your world. Use it for charity, for giving love to your world, and you will see that it will blossom. It will create a beautiful heaven on this very earth plane. By giving all the effort that you provide for warfare to peaceful means then your world will erect itself in another way, where people will understand that you yourselves are longing for peace, that you distribute love, that you give of yourselves, that you want to have peace, that you want to have love among neighbours on this beautiful planet.

People of the earth are of different spirituality. Some are undeveloped, some behave as barbarians that do not know themselves and that have minds that do not realise what they are doing both to themselves and to their fellow beings. When you walk into a room trying to solve conflicts with such people, then it is difficult, it is difficult to give knowledge, to present the human effort for creating peace, and when you meet such people you must understand that by killing them you do not solve the problem, you create another problem. You must understand that you can provide charity by many means. You can give the people the necessary support for raising themselves, for giving a peaceful effort for solving problems that they encounter that were caused by barbarian leadership. You see everything must be done with peaceful means; everything must be done in a humane manner. It is wrong to take life, because you do not have the mandate in your Father’s eyes. You have not been given the mandate to kill any human being, because they all have the same right to acquire knowledge on the earth plane, to find the wisdom of life, and they will have to see that their misbehaviour is wrong, and you can show them this in many ways.

Conflicts in your world are created by misbehaviour, are created by selfishness, by greed, by vanity and by dishonesty. Conflicts in your world are there for you to master, for you to raise yourself above and master the passions of your world. When people read these pages on solving conflicts, and when they have not raised themselves in spirituality and know the wisdom of God, many will say that solving conflicts by peaceful means towards a savage cannot be achieved, he must be conquered by weapons because that alone is what the savage understands. But I can say this to you that have these thoughts in mind: that when you come to this side of life, you will understand that the weapons you used against you neighbour, against your brothers and sisters on earth, against your own big family on earth, will return to yourself, you will feel the misfortune that you have brought among your people, that you have caused with your own unfriendly behaviour, even though you thought that you were protecting people, even though you thought that the destruction you did was for the benefit of the people. It is not like that. It is the wrong path in life. Everything must be done in love, as you would do to your nearest, to your loved ones. You would not use your weapons towards your loved ones, because you would try to solve everything in a peaceful manner, and if a conflict was unsolved, you would just leave it and try to protect and give of yourself with all that you have, with all that you can contribute to solve the conflict. You would try to establish a secure place, so the battle within your family could be solved with peaceful means, with knowledge, with wisdom, so you could give time to your children, to your brothers and sisters in that family to solve their conflicts, and that is how you must approach the world as well, you must, as a political leader, as an agent for creating peace on this planet, you must take the path of love, peace and understanding. You must provide the right environment for solving conflicts. Remind yourself that every human being on this earth plane is your brother and sister, is one of the children of your Father, the same Father, the same God, and you must reflect on them as you do with your loved ones, with your friends and family. You see, you are one big family, and everything must be solved in peace so you can have love and harmony in your world. Sow love, sow peace, sow understanding, sow knowledge, sow the wisdom of God among the people, so they can raise themselves, so they can find solutions to their problems, so they can solve the conflicts that they create with the passions of the earth plane, that are there to master in life.

Do not let pride and vanity obscure the pathway of a peaceful conflict solution. Humble yourself and understand that you are but one of the children of God, that you are one big family, that you must create heaven within yourself by love, the heaven that you can create on earth as well with the same means, by love and peace. Heaven on earth is realistic because when you have the wisdom, when you have the knowledge of the truth, that there is no death, that you are one big family, that you are here on earth to learn, to master yourself, and provide the means for peacefulness among nations, for the next generations, for your children, you will know yourself and your mission.

Conflicts of your world can only be solved with peaceful means if you want your planet to prosper, your world to raise itself, to raise itself towards God, towards his wisdom, towards the love of the universe.

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