17. Science


Your world is an adventure, and the science, the technology and research that you are performing, are given to you by the Creator, by the energy of the universe. Do not misuse the power that you have in your hands, the power of science and technology. Science of your world should be applied purely in the name of love for humankind.

Research that is performed on animals, performed on self, on embryos must be wrong, because you cannot put it back in order when you have destroyed the living creature. All that has received its life, in whatever form, shall not be destroyed. Technology and science applied in the right manner can advance humankind, its living and its conditions on earth. Everything done in love for your fellow beings, for animals, for living creatures is done in the mind of God, because God is love. So you scientists and researchers, when you do your experiments, keep this in mind that whatever you do, it is the mind of God that should be within your consciousness. Don’t think that your experiment is the only way, even if it has a good intention, if it causes harm to any living beings. Never. Then my friend, you are causing harm to the universal consciousness and to yourself. You should love all living beings on earth and the cures for diseases are all in nature. Everything is in the nature, provided by the Almighty. Search and you shall find. When you want to help others in need, search in love and you can be sure that you have the power behind you, because the power of the universe is love.

Technology is shaping your world, shaping your surroundings and how you live your lives. When it is for the better of humankind and for you, look within and see. If it is good for your fellow beings, it is good for you. My friend, if you can say definitely, yes, then you are doing the right things, and you are on the right path.

Leave vanity and selfishness behind and science will be of the good. Keep love in mind, then you are doing the will of God. On this side of life scientists are still working with you, but they are shaking their heads over many things, many experiments that are of no good.

Someday, science and technology will discover the afterlife with scientific methods. They will find the afterlife in quantum physics. Science will change the world and lift up humanity to a higher level of consciousness, because when you know that you survive death, then people of the earth in their own mind, in their own consciousness, come to another view of life. They will then know how they will live their lives on earth. They will reap as they sow. Where they plant a seed of love, they will receive love, they will harvest love, and remember, that it is the mind, your consciousness, that survives your physical body. That is what you are bringing along, and you are yourself responsible for your own life, on either side of the veil.

Life on earth has changed dramatically due to internet, due to the new information system and infrastructure, and this is just the beginning where people in different places of the earth know of each other, know what others have and what they do not have, know that democracy in your world is the way of living where love prevails, and a democracy where health for every human being is foremost, where everyone has to share so everyone can lift themselves up to a level where they can be united in love and achieve peace within self and with other human beings. Where love prevails, all is well. Nothing can go wrong, because love is the mightiest force in the universe.

We encourage scientists and researchers to discover the afterlife, to cooperate with the intelligence of the afterlife. If you shut the door to the other side of life, you are not progressing; you are not lifting yourself spiritually. The material plane is the school of life, but the afterlife is there for you to discover, to learn from and to exchange ideas from. Let us join the efforts in love for humankind.

We are real beings. We are humans in another vibration, a higher vibration than you yourself are in. We can teach you so much, so much that will be of value to everyone on the earth plane. But all we do, we do in love, and so should you. Then we can join forces, we can join forces in love, because in love we find God, the mightiest force in the universe and the doors will be opened when love prevails.

The topic of science is important, because you will have to search to find, but many shut the door because they know so little about the life after physical death, the death of your physical body. If they could raise their mind, their consciousness, the doors on this side will be wide open and many will be glad to help. We love you. We love all of you, and God is unconditional love.

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