17. Know your Mission

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Many choices in your life have brought you to where you are. Your upbringing as a child gave you different pathways to follow, some were fortunate, and some were not that fortunate as you evaluate them today. But if you had good parents that gave you safety and a harmonious upbringing with freedom to choose your pathway with advisable corrections, then all this will have brought you to your present situation and condition, but foremost you have made your own choices in life, and that is how it should be, because you have free will.

You may ask yourself this question many times in life: “Did I choose the right school for my future work?” When you have accomplished your earthly educational background and you make a choice according to your abilities and your sentiments for a special direction, you apply for a job and there are tremendous opportunities of work for you to choose from in your earthly life. But in your work, you might feel that you have acquired the wrong education, because that work is not any longer part of your interests. Then you either accept the condition or try to obtain an additional educational background and/or change your area of work.

“But what is my mission in life?” you might ask. The upbringing as a child, the school and your work are all part of your mission in life. They are all there for you to learn. They are all there for you to accomplish the school of life on earth, because your life here on earth is the school of life where you were given the opportunity to attend to, to master and to fulfil yourself, and in your life you change orientation, you change behaviour and you change your mindset as time passes. Sometimes you feel that you made the wrong choice, and that is part of life. It is part of the school of this life to change direction, to see if what you have been doing is right, to see if your pathway is following your mind and is giving you the feeling within that this was the right choice.

Now, there is a pathway in life that you may not have observed. This pathway will give you something that you are searching for, but you do not know before you cross this path in life. Certainly you feel that there is something missing in your life, if you have not been told, and if you have not yet thought what comes next after you leave this physical earth. Maybe this is the time to dwell on this thought. What comes after this earthly life? In moments where you have felt emptiness in life, you may have asked yourself this question. My friend, you are a spirit with a physical body, you are a spiritual being, an eternal being that is part of God, that is part of the universal spirit, the Almighty Father.

I can say this: that this pathway, this knowledge, is there to fulfil your life in whatever mission that you have acquired for yourself through school and work. When you search you will find a beauty within yourself. When you give love, you receive love, because that is the law of the universe, the law of cause and effect. What you give, you will receive, and what you do unto others, you do unto yourself.

You have, within yourself, a treasure that you were given at birth and that is there for you to nurture with love for your brethren. You will see that when you make yourself unselfish, you raise yourself and then you give of yourself. You see, my friend, that the spirit that you have within you is part of your mission, because you have to find yourself, the spirit within, before you can fulfil your mission in life.

You will understand that your mission in life was to raise yourself spiritually in whatever occupation you had, in whatever upbringing you had. From everything on earth on your pathway, in all walks of life, you acquire knowledge and you learn right from wrong. The despair of your world is due to selfishness, cruelty and misuse of power, and your mission is to do whatever you can to build a better world, a world where love reigns and where unselfishness is a word of honour. Your mission in life is to raise yourself, to give love, to give charity, to love your fellow beings so you can help them to raise themselves as you have raised yourself. You will know that that is your mission in life when you have found your treasure within. Ask God for guidance, and he will listen. He will follow you on your pathway. He will influence you to do the good things in life, when you let him do so.

Open up to our world, know that we are there, that we want to help you, that there is no death, that your physical body is merely there for you to acquire knowledge for your spirit within, and the physical flesh is left behind when you join the spirit world, when you have accomplished the school of life on earth, your mission on the earth plane.

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