17. I and My Father are One


From your scriptures you have the saying of Christ that “I and my Father are one”. That saying created controversies at that time as it does today. Some will say that it is blasphemy but, my friend, when you use your intellect, when you understand this saying, you will comprehend and know that it is of love. God is love, and when you become love yourself you become one with your Creator. When you become one in his love, you are one with your Father, your heavenly Father. Become love and you are one in God, you are in him and he is in you. That is the universal love that created you and I, that created all there is because God is the power behind all. The unconditional love, the infinite love that you can see with your physical eyes when you watch Mother Nature in all its beauties, when you watch your fellow beings and see the creation that you are, each and every one of you, a beautiful creation that can bring love to this earth plane, to humanity, to Mother Earth.

All has been revealed to you. But you have to see it within yourself, you have to search for the wisdom so you can comprehend life, so you can understand why you are here, and what you are, what you truly are. You are a spirit of God; you are made by this love that created all, this mightiest power of the universe that is behind the creation that you can observe in the sky at night with all the stars, and with all the beauties that you see in the daylight the sun above your head, the star that brings you warmth, that gives you happiness, that brings you nutrition for your daily life. What a wonderful creation that has been made by love, and when you yourself become love, when you find this beauty within yourself and you nourish this seed from your Father and become as him, become one in him, in his love, love for all, love for all children on earth, you become truly one, in oneness of his consciousness of love.

“Ye are all Gods”that you also have from your scriptures. And it is of the truth, because you are all spirits of the same Almighty Father, but you have to become love within, within your heart, before you turn yourself into this power of love yourself, into oneness of the creation, because otherwise you separate yourself from the mightiest power there is. You will not fulfil yourself if you do not have the wisdom of love, the wisdom of God, within your heart. That was the wisdom that Christ tried to tell the people listening to him at that time, and that is what we are telling you today, because the wisdom of God is infinite. It is the same as ever before, it is not something that will change. God is love and when you become love yourself, you become one. Then you will say that “I and my Father are one”, one in love. The truth of life is just in front of your eyes, all has been revealed to you.

Dogmas of religion are there for you to comprehend, for you to use your intellect to understand, and if you do not understand the sayings that are brought to you though the scriptures, sayings that are not of love, then they cannot be true. You see, you must understand what you read, you must know that when love prevails, then there is truth, because all the creations have been made out of this power, and then the truth is revealed to you, as it is in Mother Nature. You do not ask other human beings about the beauty that you can see with your physical eyes, nature itself. It is revealed to you, you can sense the scent of flowers, you can feel the shape, the form, the beauty of life itself. You will, within yourself, ask why the creation has fulfilled itself in such a wonderful sight, and you will know that people around you do not have the answer any more than yourself. People of the earth do not know why the seed is coming through the mould and bringing you such beautiful flowers, they do not know because it is a creation made of love, made by your Creator, and that is the wisdom of love. People do not know, but now you, my friend, know that there is a force, a power, behind all and that is God. You can see the love that he has brought to your world, you can see it with your physical eyes, you can sense the scent, the odour in nature, you can listen to the raindrops that meet the leaves of the trees, and you see the wonders that they bring to the earth, giving nutrition for the meadow of love that has been given to you, for you to understand the creation of love. When you yourself become part of this beauty, and draw this beauty to your own heart and fulfil yourself by giving this love to your fellow beings, you become one in love in the consciousness of your Father. Isn’t that wonderful to know, my friend, that your Creator is love, infinite love, and that you can become part of this power, you can be one with your Father in heaven?

Seek within your heart, seek for the kingdom of love, the heaven that you can build in love for your brothers and sisters on earth. Become the hands of love, become the hands of God on earth.

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