17. Heaven on Earth


Let me ask you this, my friend, where is Heaven?

Heaven is not something far beyond, far away from your reach, a place where you will go after you leave behind your physical body, what you call the earthly death. No, my friend, heaven is within you, it is something that you have created within your consciousness, something beautiful, because you relate to ‘Heaven’ as something beautiful.

When you seek love, when you give love, you create thoughts that you can relate to as heaven because heaven is love. You can fill your spiritual being within yourself, with all the beauties of your world that are of the spiritual kind, and that is love and unselfishness. You see, there are two words that are in opposition, love is in heaven and selfishness is what you can relate to as hell. But there is no such thing as hell, my friend, there is no such thing as hell, it is only a condition of consciousness. When you have filled yourself with love, love for other human beings, for Mother Nature, when you have filled your heart, your inner being, with this beauty, when you have given of yourself, then you have had a taste of heaven within yourself, because that’s where heaven is, it is within, it is within your consciousness. Similarly, selfishness will fill your consciousness with selfish motives, with this feeling of thinking merely of oneself, but then you will be isolated, because you will not receive love because you do not give out love.

People that are doing cruel things to living beings on earth, that misuse power and are driven by selfish motives, will create for themselves a condition which is by far the opposite of the heaven that people mirror on earth, a heaven of love. Your consciousness determines your conditions on your side and on this side of life. When in the spirit world, where we do not have our physical body, we have no secrets anymore, and what you created in your mind is what you will have on this side of life. Your mind, your consciousness, is your heaven, is your beautiful treasure if you have given of yourself when you have cared for others, when you have been fighting for peace and justice and by fighting we do not mean with your hands. No, you fight with your heart; you fight with love in your heart. Leave war behind and fight for love, and in love you protect. Protection is not war. Protection is love.

There are so many ways to achieve peace on earth, and I say this to you my friend: everything must be done in love for your fellow beings. Then you can never go wrong.

When you make yourself unselfish, you bring love within your heart, love that you can give to others, to other human beings, to all living beings. When you make yourself unselfish, when you make your world unselfish, you will build up the treasure for yourself, within yourself and for this world that you can enjoy on either side of life. When you come to this side, when you have left your physical body behind, there are no possessions of the physical kind that you can bring along. The only treasure that you have is within yourself. So, be sure that the treasure that you have within is of love, then you will meet the heaven in all its beauties, in all its expressions, that you could never ever have imagined when on earth.

You might say that you live in the material world, and that selfishness is part of the material aspect of living. My friend, your earthly life is there for you to learn from and to conquer the passions of your own self, and that is truly to leave selfishness behind and to raise yourself in the consciousness of God, which is love.

When you have the knowledge, when you know for certain that you are a spiritual being with a physical body, a spiritual being that will live forever, and when you know that when you die from your earthly life, you only cast aside your physical body, and when you know this truth, that you are an eternal being, and that you are on earth to raise yourself spiritually, to find the pathway to your Creator within yourself, when you know that what you are seeking is truly the masterpiece of love of the Creator and that selfishness was there for you to conquer and to erase from the surface of your world, when you know this, my friend, you cannot go wrong. Then you will put emphasis on the vital thing in life, which is God´s love that he wanted you to bring forward in your earthly life, so you could contribute. You, my friend, are here on earth to help, you are here for a mission, you are here to conquer yourself and to heal the world, to create peace both within yourself and in this world. When you follow this path of God´s consciousness, which is of love, which is pure love, then you will have heaven on earth and within yourself.

Then you might say: “But look at this world, how can that be possible?” I say this to you: everything is possible in the hands of the Almighty. You have God within yourself. You are part of God. You can give love, you can share with others, and you can take care of others. You can erase selfishness from the surface of the earth. You have all you need to obtain peace and love.

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