17. Friendship


A chain of love,
A chain of hands,

Give a helping hand, make friends,
Care, make friends,
Love, make friends.

Make a chain of your coexistence,
Let laughter, your smile,
Be a pleasure for your friends
Because your friend is your neighbour,
Your friend is your brother and sister,
Your friend is your fellow being,
Your friend is a stranger to you
Until you make friendship,
Until you give your hand of unity, of care,
Make friendship.

By honesty and truthfulness you make friends;
Be just, make friendship,
Share, make friendship.

Love humanity,
Love the beast,
Love your Mother Earth.
Friendship is love,
Friendship is equality, justice,
Friendship is to give of yourself,
Friendship is humbleness,
Friendship is patience and tolerance.

Let friendship be your mind,
Friendship and love for your fellow beings,
A world of love,
A world in love,
A peaceful world,
Made by friendship.

You are all children of the same Creator,
You are all brothers and sisters,
You should all be friends,
That is the poem of love,
That, you can always have within your mind,
It is only one word you need to remember
Because friendship is love,
Friendship is to care for each other.

Care, Share, Love.
That is Friendship.

Make heaven on Earth by your friendship, by your love,
For your own wisdom that brought you here,
That gave you life, the seed of love
That cares, that wants you to make friends with every fellow being
That you meet on your pathway,
A seed of love given to you, brought to you, to your spirit,
The seed that made you, that gave you life, the spirit of God.

True friendship,
Beautiful friendship,
Loving friendship,
Equality for all,
That is friendship,
That is love.

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