17. Charity


The essential form of charity is to give of yourself. We have all, human beings on the earth plane, lived a life in struggle whether it is mentally or materially or both. Charity, the care for others, is of tremendous value. If you help a human being by giving of yourself materially to support their basic needs, or mentally, to support a broken heart, a being in despair, or a being that has taken the wrong path in life, whatever you do if that is of help, then you bring charity to that being, human or animal. That is love, loving thoughts, that you give from your inner self, your spiritual self.

Does your world know charity? I think not. Here and there you see the light of love, but you live in a selfish world, and charity is the key to making unselfish your world. Charity is to love your fellow beings as you love yourself, and God is love, God is charity. We on this side of life know so very well that charity is the answer, the answer to the wellbeing of your world, to your own wellbeing and to your own salvation if you so will, because what you do to others, you do unto yourself. So when you give love you will receive love, and love is of God.

When you love your enemy you are truly not fighting him, you are helping him to find the right pathway. War creates war in the mind, and is not a tool for peace. How can we tell this truth to mankind? How can we make mankind understand? That fighting each other cannot solve anything. Helping people, protecting people, is part of charity, but with a peaceful mind and peaceful means.

When you are hurting others, when you create the pathway for war, you are not following the pathway to God, to the light, to love of the universe, to your innermost self of your being.

My friend, when you read this, think over again, use your empathy, use your intellect and you will see that the path for solving disputes is charity, and that is love in action. There is a difference between protection of helpless people, people in need, and destroying the socalled enemy, because the enemy is not your enemy, they are your fellow beings on earth, fellow beings that you should talk to, negotiate with, find a solution with, find a way where love for all is the answer. That is the main objective, because all human beings are fighting for the same, should fight for the same, and that is love for their fellow beings, and that war can only be fought by love.

Charity can change your world, can give peace to your world and can harmonise all the people of your world. Please, do whatever you can, to behold love in your heart, even though your enemy, the socalled enemy, leaves you with evil deeds. Raise your consciousness above the evil of this world, because there is a consciousness of love and charity that will prosper for eternity.

When you love, when you give love and when you help someone, you provide charity. You surround yourself with the goodness of the universe, and your mind will be part of God’s light and love for humanity. God is providing you with all the means for raising your world in the consciousness of love and peace, and he has provided you with a tool, and that is charity. Raise yourself by charity; raise yourself to the human being that you ever wished to be. Be a light for others to follow in the name of the Almighty Spirit.

When you come to this side of life one day, you will see that God is everything, because God is love. Keep charity in your mind, always, and your spiritual being will be beautified by love.

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