16. Tunes of Love


There is silence,
There is calmness in nature,
The morning has not yet broken.
There is silence, silence within your mind,
Silence within the mind of nature itself,
Mother Earth is sleeping.

A beam of sunlight gives the power
For nature to come alive, to come into being.
A tiny breeze, leaves that start rustling calmly, patiently,
Wakening up nature,
The nestlings that are waiting for their meal.
The tunes of love can be heard,
The tunes from the birds
That are waking up,
The rustling leaves, whispering to you tunes from heaven,
Tunes in perfect harmony with the singing of the birds.

The daylight comes to Mother Earth
Revealing the beauties and the colours of every flower.
The wind,
The breeze
That embraces the love and the tunes from the birds
And gives nature the power to reveal a wonderful concert of love,
All is there, all the instruments of nature make the orchestra perfect.
The tunes of love are once again brought alive to your mind,
To your spirit that can rejoice in this wonderful symphony,
The beauties, the tunes that are given to you in love.

The roaring ocean that you can hear when the waves hit the rocks,
The drum of the symphony of the forest,
Giving you silence, then giving you the drum of love, everlasting,
The universal drum of love, an everlasting love within you.
Join this symphony in nature with your love
And you have created a masterpiece, as a composer yourself,
Because you have reached the universal power within,
You, that make the tunes of love perfect.

In concord with everything else in nature
There is consonance in the tune of love.
Let the rainbow of colours accompany your tune of love
And you will see the wonders of nature of the universe within you,
All in harmony.

Tunes of love are harmony,
The love of the universe, of the Creation that brought you here
To fulfil the tunes of love,
The heavenly music on Earth.

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