16. Spirituality

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We are all spiritual beings, and our spirituality is our way of love and how we live our lives. Spirituality is all there is within the divine picture. Love is the mightiest force in the universe, and the God that we are all part of. As spiritual beings, search within and by searching you will find the pathway to spirituality with all its struggles, with all its beauties and with all its love.

Spirituality is in the opposite end of the road of materiality. You start with a spiritual body in a physical body when you are born. Then on your pathway, people around you are influencing your innermost being, especially in your childhood where your thoughts are formed and manifested. Thus, your parents and the people that you have around you, have a tremendous potential on your thoughts, and a fantastic opportunity to give your spiritual being the love and the pathway to spirituality. That is a tremendous responsibility.

But are people of the earth aware of their responsibility? Unfortunately, many are not. So in your life the material aspect will prosper if you do not get a counterpart of spirituality.

Materiality is a hindrance to the pathway of love, because materiality, when set apart from spiritual endeavours, manifests the passions of life, of selfishness and greed. Spirituality is the only pathway to God. We are all here to learn, and each and every one of us, is responsible for own behaviour, the pathway that we have tread in life.

Many people of the earth and in organisations distance themselves from spirituality. They say that religion is up to everyone to decide, and that is so true, but why are they distancing themselves from spirituality? Because they don’t have the basic knowledge of the most crucial aspect of living. By their behaviour they keep themselves apart from God, from their spiritual pathway in their lives, the pathway they had projected before they came to your world.

Spirituality will one day be a word of honour, and materiality will be a word for the basic needs of humanity. When people strive for helping others, for sharing resources, for bringing love and harmony into their own life and the lives of others, they ascend on the spiritual path. Spirituality is to become in harmony and peace with oneself.

How can you find peace? You can only find peace in yourself by giving love, by serving humanity, helping others and ultimately forgetting yourself in service. Then, you will find a beauty inside that will blossom, and the pathway will be open to gain the right and divine knowledge and for reaching the highest that you can ever hope for in your spiritual life on earth. This is spirituality in action.

Listen to the voices of heaven. At first you might not hear anything. And why is that, my friend? It is because you have not opened the door to your spiritual pathway. The answer is spirituality. Send a prayer to God for guidance, and he will listen. Give of yourself, help others, leave your selfishness behind, and the doors will be opened. They will be wide open. God will then start operating in you, and show you the way.

It is not materiality you should gain on earth, it is the opposite, it is spirituality. Materiality, however, is there to help you find heaven inside yourself, your inner being, your spiritual self, which is love.

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