16. Selfcentredness

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In whatever relationship you have in life, in whatever occupation you have in life, you need to cooperate with other people, with other human beings, and when you employ animals for your work, you also need to cooperate with the animals. My friend, in your life you need to cooperate with humans and Mother Nature to fulfil your mission in life, in whatever kind of mission or task you might have.

Selfcentredness and egocentric behaviour are a major obstacle for bringing harmony into your own work and into your own world, because when you only think about yourself, when people think only about themselves, they shut the door for other creative thoughts, for all the creativity that you find in nature, in Mother Nature. You shut the door for your own creative mind. When you let your mind prevail, and you let your own thoughts be of such superiority that you forget about other people and their minds, their feelings, then you become an unempathic person and do not reflect on your own behaviour, feelings and the feelings of others. This is what you term narcissism, and when people behave in that manner they become dangerous to themselves and to their surroundings, to their environment. When you have narcissistic leaders and people, they only fulfil their own needs, they disregard the needs of others, they live in a world where they see themselves as superior to others, without interest in other people’s values or needs.

There is only one truth in life that can change this misbehaviour, that can penetrate the wall that they have set up for themselves, the disorder of themselves, and that is the truth of life that there is no death, and making them understand that what they do to others, they do unto themselves. They must realise that when they die from this earth plane, they will live on and they will meet themselves in the door to the next life. The narcissist will then comprehend that what they did to themselves and to other people was a big failure in life, a tremendous mistake towards other human beings and towards Mother Nature.

Selfcentredness does not bring clarity to the mind,
Selfcentredness is arrogance,
Selfcentredness is egocentrism and selfishness,
Selfcentredness is vanity,
Selfcentredness is pride,
Selfcentredness is unempathic,
Selfcentredness is not of love,
Selfcentredness is untruthfulness and dishonesty to oneself and your fellow beings.

What a major obstacle you have in your world with this behaviour but, my friend, it is a passion of the earth that every one of you have experienced sometime in your daily life, because all of you have had selfcentredness within your mind. When you think about yourself first then in fact you are selfcentred. When you disregard others and only think about yourself, then you are taking the wrong path in life, then you fulfil the term of selfcentredness. Bring yourself out of this loop, out of this endless path that brings you misfortune, because how can you receive harmony in your life when you only regard your own thoughts as the foremost and where you disrespect other thoughts and do not cooperate to bring the best from all forward. It is in mutual friendship and reciprocal work you gain the best from all in your mission. It is in partnership with others you find the best solutions, because then you have received more information and different views on a task. That brings clarity to a complex situation. The network that you have within your mind is different from each person, and when the networks of minds are intermingled, it is as with the trees in nature that have many roots in the earth, that all receive nutrition from different angles and sources, and similarly when the trees blossom, you see that it is made up of many branches to fulfil its beauty and that is in itself a revelation on how to fulfil your mission on earth. You must fulfil yourself in cooperation with your environment, with other people that are part of the system, that are part of your mission.

Watch nature. You see the bees that are flying from flower to flower, giving their love to every creation so they all can prosper and be many. The bees fulfil themselves in cooperation with nature. They share and give their love to every flower, and so can you, my friend, you can give your love to every human being that you meet on your pathway in life. That is unselfishness, that is love, and that is sharing of your thoughts, of your resources.

God gave you life here on earth, to share and cooperate with other people and with Mother Nature, so you could fulfil yourself, so you all could find harmony and peace in your world. Selfcentredness is contrary to love for other human beings. Selfcentredness is love for oneself, and that is contrary to peace, to finding peace of mind, that is contrary to bringing harmony to yourself and your environment. God blessed you with a life here on earth for you to develop, to evolve, to find your true self, to master the passions of the earth, and selfcentredness is a major obstacle for bringing peace and love to humanity, to every human being, to every child on Planet Earth.

When you reflect on this behaviour in life, this behaviour of selfcentredness, then remind yourself that it is for you to master, for you to pour love over. Change this word within yourself with love for your fellow beings, and you will build up heaven within yourself. It is built by love, not by selfish thoughts, the treasure that you can have on earth and that you bring along to the world beyond, so you can find yourself in the door and meet the spirit within yourself that is of love, a heaven that you can be proud of and where you find tranquillity, where you find the love of your Father.

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