16. Passions of Life


What is your passion?

In life you feel a strong emotion, a strong eagerness to perform a task or a mission. Whether that is as a desire for music, as a desire to give charity, as a desire to invent new technology, as a desire to be a good parent, to take care of your children and your family, as a strong emotion and sentiment towards another being for their welfare, or as a strong emotion towards religion, towards hidden treasures in life, they are all passions of life, but there are passions of both hate and love, and you have to distinguish. When you have a strong passion for something, reason if that is a passion for enhancing yourself, for bringing comfort and value to your life and others. If it is a passion that brings discomfort to other human beings, to other living beings, to Mother Nature, it is, of course, wrong because it does not bring any good.

Passions are part of life to fulfil yourself, to fulfil your objectives in life, to fulfil your mission in life, the mission that you have decided for yourself, that you have brought to your mind, that is to you as a bright star that you can follow in life. Many of your desires must be carefully watched so they do not become overshadowed by passions that are of the negative sort such as selfishness, vanity, greed, envy, lust and misuse of power. These passions in life are there for you to master.

A passion can be a wonderful drive in life, but you have to control the negative sort, you have to see to it that your passions in life do not bring any discomfort to others, that your passions in life give out love and a helping hand for your fellow beings. Be on the alert if your passions become a selfcentred desire, because if that emotion within yourself is uncontrollable then you are on the wrong track in life.

Remember you are an eternal being. Within yourself you have a spiritual self, a spirit that should be your master in life, not your physical body, because it is your physical body that has all the passions of the negative sort, the passions of selfishness, greed, vanity, dishonesty, passions that are there for you to conquer in life. These passions make you untruthful to your inner self, to your spiritual self, and hold you down. They will not give you the charge within yourself to climb the ladder of spirituality, to reach higher towards your inner self, towards creating the treasure, the heaven within, when you only think about yourself.
When you show selfcentredness, there should be a warning light, and you should sit back for while and reflect upon your passions in life, because there is something you have to adjust. I am not saying that you should leave a positive passion. If you enjoy playing your musical instrument and it gives pleasure to yourself and to others, then it is right for you. That is the passion that can contribute to something joyful in life, something that can fill the hearts of the people around you with joy, the fruits of your passion, and that you can be proud of. Always think about your passion in that respect.

Let your passion in life be of love for your brethren, for humanity. Let your passion contribute to harmony in your world, to peace of mind for your fellow beings. Everything in life should be of the positive kind, should be a passion where people can say to you that: “My friend, you certainly give us joy, you certainly bring joy to the world”. Then you know that your passion in life is of God, because God brings joy to the world. God is love and your passion must be of love, then you are in oneness with your Creator and your passion.

What a wonderful creation you are. What a wonderful body you have. What a wonderful human creation you are with all the diversities of challenges and possibilities of passions there are in life to fulfil your desire, your emotion, your strong will for your own mind, for your own creation in life. Let your spirit within you control your passion, because the spirit is of God, that spark within yourself that you received at birth is of God, is of love and is something you can bring out to your physical world.

Do not let passions of the negative sort hamper this spark within yourself. Do not let passions of selfishness, vanity, greed destroy. Close that room within you, that inner room of your treasure. You yourself can flourish and become a beauty in life when you control your passions, when you let this spark come forward so you can show your passion of love, the treasure that you have built up within yourself, that you have nurtured with love for your fellow beings.

All that you have given of yourself for the wellbeing of others, all you have done for humanity on your pathway, will be transparent in this treasure within yourself. Let that be your passion in life, to build this treasure of love within so your spiritual self can shine forth and be a light for others. Let your passion in life be of pure love, be one with your Father, and be of service to your world. Because when we all bring our small treasures together, treasures of love, then my friend, you will be part of the healing process that is going on in your world. Let your passion heal yourself, heal your fellow beings and heal your world.

When you search for the truth of life, then your passion becomes pure, then you are climbing the ladder of spirituality, then your passion in life gives you the direction to your higher self, to your true self, to the oneness with your Father, to his wisdom, the wisdom of life, the wisdom of love.

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