16. Know Yourself


On the earth plane you experience every day different situations, different episodes in life that you bring into yourself, into your mind, into your consciousness for evaluation, similarly to the computer device that you are so well acquainted with. You have storage and a memory, a memory where the situations are differentiated from each other and evaluated, and when they are finalised for your decision, they become part of the storage, and that is your subconscious, that is where you retrieve episodes from your past moments in life, situations that you have forgotten, but that are still there. Your consciousness is the primal memory, where you, with your logic and intelligence, evaluate and know who you are.

But still you may ask: “Who am I?”

In daily life at school and in work, you perform the tasks that are given to you, and some are done automatically, because the situations have been dealt with before. They are part of your subconscious that you don’t think about, but they come to your mind immediately when they are called upon. Some tasks are coming to you where you need to use your creativity. They are there for you to explore with your mind, but even so, you use the network in your storage where you have all the information from life placed in different compartments, but they are all part of you, part of your network, part of your knowledge. In life you have your physiological needs that you, all of you, need to have fulfilled before you can enjoy the attainment of yourself. It is part of life and human nature to satisfy your needs of nutrition, of safety, of care for yourself, your family, your friends and your fellow beings. You have different passions in life and they are there for you to master, control and balance.

You might say: “Yes, I know all about myself, my consciousness and subconscious mind, and my passions in life, but does it answer who I am?”

No, because you will not know yourself before you have found the spirit within, the eternal self. When you have found this treasure and know that you are part of the eternal spirit that can never die, that you are here on earth to learn the school of life, to learn to master yourself, to find the knowledge to raise yourself spiritually, to know yourself, then, my friend, you are starting to develop, because then you will know that the most important part of you is your spiritual self that you have to nurture spiritually, and that the basic physiological needs were there to sustain your physical body. The most important thing was to develop your real self, your eternal self, your spirit that will survive your physical self.

You see, the science of psychology and social science do not have the spiritual real self in their vocabulary, in their education in school. The most important, the most vital part of yourself is not part of your curriculum in school, and they try to teach you how to know yourself? How can they teach you how to know yourself when they don’t know the real self, the spirit that you have from your Almighty Father?

Religions are set apart from social science in life, religions that are love, and that search for the inner self. But I can tell you this, that the belief that there is an afterlife is real, because if not I would not be talking to you as I am at this very moment, as I am doing through the medium in Trance. I am a real human being, but I have different faculties that are beyond your comprehension. I have the faculties that you would term fictional or divine. I can come to you and follow you in whatever task you have on earth and know what you think. I can influence you with my thoughts. I am a spirit. I am a child of God. I am a son of the Almighty Spirit, as you are children, sons and daughters, of the same God. We are all one. We are of the same spirit. Know yourself, my friend, know that you are a spirit with a physical body, and your physical body is to serve your spirit for your education on the earth plane, for your life on the material plane.

When you know that you are an eternal being, when you know that you have a beauty within yourself that is there for you to raise towards God, towards his love, is there for you to master, for you to develop for being part of God’s love for humanity, then that is your selfactualisation, that is where you should have your selfesteem, that is where you have realised your full potential in life, that is on the top of the hierarchy where you are one with God in love, where you have humbled yourself, where you have left selfishness behind, where you have mastered the passions of the earth, where you see all children as part of your family, where you give of yourself to help wherever you can, then, my friend, you know yourself, then you know who your Father and Mother is, then you know where you came from, then you know your real self.

We in the spirit world are part of your life. We are as real as you. We have the knowledge and are here to serve. We are here to serve our Father in heaven and his children. We are here to help wherever we can. We are humble servants and messengers of God that are here to help you to find yourself, so you can raise yourself and your brethren towards God and his love, so you can have love among yourselves, so you can find peace within, so you can have peace of mind, so you can have peace on earth.

When you know yourself you will change for the better. You will find the treasure that your Almighty Father gave you. Let us all be part of the same knowledge, of the same light. Let us all be part of the light and help those that are fumbling in darkness. Help your brothers and sisters on earth to find the light so they can know themselves, so they can find their real selves.

You have a wonderful mission my friend, a wonderful mission on earth.

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