16. Heaven is Within You


The material world has the ability and is of such a creation that it can provide you with your physical needs, but also it is there for you to learn, for you to find the balance in life, for you to evolve, for you to find your inner self. The material plane is the school of life, the school where you have all the passions, where you can be tried and tested, where you can find love and where you will find evil. And, my friend, all is man made, all the passions are there within yourself for you to master in your life on the earth plane.

Heaven is within you; it is a well-­‐known phrase from the scriptures where Christ said: “Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness. Heaven is within you”, he said, because he knew that love is the key to build the treasure within yourself, the treasure that will not be destroyed by moths and rust.

My friend, imagine yourself when you are here on earth, you can acquire possessions and earthly goods in excess, you can become wealthy in earthly terms by acquiring all you can for yourself, and if you have only selfish motives and do not share of your wealth, you become poor within your heart, and you do not build the treasure, the heaven, within you and you come emptyhanded when you enter the world beyond. The wealthy in the world beyond are the people that gave of themselves, that shared what they had even if that was nothing of earthly goods, but their love, their care for other human beings. You see charity, love for your brothers and sisters, is the key to open up the beauty within yourself, to build it up to such wonderful work, to such wonderful atmosphere, wonderful treasure, that can be crowned when you come to the world beyond. That is where you become wealthy, my friend, that is how you become wealthy.

You that are selfish, that acquire the earthly goods for yourself, for your own selfish motives, become poor in heart. But you fool yourself when you believe that you are wealthy on earth when you have all the possessions, all the wealth in abundance in the material world. That gives you a mind of vanity, that gives you power over others and if you do not master yourself, if you do not conquer your inner self, your passions of greed and lust greed for more of the material world. Wealth in excess of earthly goods and possessions is meaningless to you. That is how we see it from the world beyond, because here you have lost all that you acquired of earthly goods, and you become poor. What you keep in your heart, what you bring over to this side, is the love that you built up by giving of yourself, by bringing your love, your helpfulness, kindness, and friendliness to other human beings, whether that was to your dearest friends or to people that you did not know, strangers to yourself. You see, you are all children of the same Creator, you are all brothers and sisters and you are here on earth to share the resources of your world, to love each other.

When you come to the world beyond one day, you will look upon your own work, what you made out of your life, what you used your hands for on the material plane, and I can say this to you, my friend, that many on this side have deep regrets for their ignorance, for their selfishness, on earth. You become poor in the world beyond if you only thought about yourself. It does not bring you happiness. And this you can realise on the earth plane as well. Cast aside your selfishness and your vanity, and then, my friend, you will open up a door where there is a beauty that you did not know about, because it was hidden to you by your ignorance and material lust, because all has been revealed to you through Mother Nature, through the creation itself, the creation of your Father.

Be mindful, you that have acquired abundance of wealth, abundance of earthly goods and possessions, be careful so you do not become very poor and only find emptiness in the world beyond. It is reality, it is nothing that I say to scare or to make you frightened, it is reality, it is you, your own mind, that creates such emptiness when you come to the world beyond. You yourself will be the judge over your own life, you will see what you made out of your life, and I can assure you that love was the treasure on the material plane, the love that you could give to your brothers and sisters, that you could share with your big family on earth. Heaven is within you, and heaven is created in love for your fellow beings, by charity, by love, by being truthful and just in your endeavours on the material plane.

God is love and he created all by love. That is how you can create your own life, that is how you create heaven within, because you will be his hands on earth when you have found the treasure, the beauty, heaven within you. Share with each other, help each other, love each other, you are one family, all children of the same Creator. That is how you create heaven within, and that is how you create heaven on earth.

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