16. God is Love


What a wonderful message we have for the world, the message of Love, pure Love.

Everything, everything in the universe from the infinitely small to the endlessness of stars and galaxies, of all there is both of the material and spiritual kind, has been created in love by your Creator, by God which is love, and only love.

My friend, when you are in sorrow, when you feel that the troubles of your world are taking your breath from you, then you must know that this trouble is not caused by God, because he is unconditional love, he is giving you love, and he is trying to give you comfort. Know that the troubles you meet in life are caused either by yourself or other human beings.

There is one law in the universe and that is the law of cause and effect. When you meet another person, another individual that gives you friendly thoughts, that gives you kindness, that helps you, that is true to you, that you can trust with your life, then that creates a feeling within yourself that is of love, love towards that individual.

When you know that God is love, that God only wants your happiness, only wants all that is good for you, you will know that he is your friend; he is the one that creates the feeling of love within yourself. When you know him, when you know your Creator, when you know the seed of love he has planted within yourself, you will also know that you and your Father in heaven are one. When you don’t feel his love, you are not connected to that power within yourself. So seek God first and then you will build up a power within that you never knew was there. Never knew had been there, because within you is that spark of love that awaits your own love, love for your Father, love for other human beings, love for all living beings and love for Mother Nature. Everything is love when you know your pathway in life, which is towards God and his consciousness.

Remember the saying of Christ, he said: “Love your Father and love your neighbour”. On this law of love, the prophets and all the laws of the universe rest, and that is true, because it is a saying of pure love.

You have free will, and you create your conditions within yourself, you create the mindset that you have within. Concentrate on thoughts of love, and you will build up a force in yourself that will overcome all the troubles of your world, all there is to conquer, the selfishness of the world, the selfishness of yourself, which is the opposite of love and that is there for you to learn and to master.

As a good parent, you will give love to your child, and see to it that the child has all that you can give, and foremost your love, because that creates the feeling of thankfulness within yourself and within your child, and the child will know that it is safe within your love and in your arms. When you give your children love, give them a hug, give them a kiss, they feel your warmth, they feel this wonderful feeling you create that builds up this power of love between you and within you, that they can give to their surroundings, to their friends, and to the world. You have a huge responsibility as a parent, a huge responsibility.

The love that you receive from your Father is there for you to build up within, and for you to give out, and when you give love, you will receive love, because that is the law of cause and effect.

When you send love to your Father in heaven, he will give you love back, he will respond to you immediately, because he is the law of love. The Almighty Father, your Creator, has placed you here on earth to learn in the school of life. He has given you free will and the seed of love within yourself. When you let this seed flourish, when you give nutrition to this seed in the form of love, in the form of unselfishness, in the form of charity and of love for your neighbour, he will raise you up spiritually so you can have his wisdom and be within his consciousness. This will lift you up far above the troubles of the earth, to a consciousness where you will find peace of heart, peace of mind, and you will find this peace within by giving out love to your world to your child, to your friends, to your family, to your neighbour.

God does not differentiate between people. Follow in his footsteps, he is there for you, he will help you, he will lift you up, he wants to be in communion with you, he wants to give you love, he wants you to know him, he wants you to find that love.

When you have love in your heart, you will be a bright light. Christ knew the way. He said: “I am the Light, the Truth and the Way”. He knew the way to his Father, the way of love, because there is only one pathway to your Father and that is by love. Be in communion with your Father on the Bridge of Love, a communion between yourself and the Creator.

That is where you will find the truth of life.
That is where you will find all you have longed for.
That is where you came from.
That is where you have your good parent, your Almighty Father, your Almighty Mother that you are part of, and that will hold you in their arms and give you comfort. When you go to them, and when you seek them in your heart, they will lift you up, and give you strength, they will take care of you, they will love you, and they will give you a kiss of love, a kiss from heaven, a kiss from God, that will melt you together as one.

We are all one. We are all one in love.
Love is all there is. Love is everything in life.

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