16. Culture Music & Art

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In heaven you seek in the heart, and the power fills your heart with its most wonderful pieces of play that you can ever imagine when on earth. Music of the spiritual kind fills you with love and joy that you could not find when on earth. Music is our breath and bread.

Culture on earth and here are the same. We create by thought and whatever sculpture, whatever picture we would like to have, we can have when our thoughts are pure, and when we have the power within ourselves to create.

My friend, what you created in yourself when on earth, created the power within your inner being, your spiritual self. Your consciousness survives death, your physical death, and this power that you achieved by love for your fellow beings, by unselfish acts, by charity, by good deeds and by honesty, beautifies yourself within. Cast aside vanity and mould yourself in the eyes of the Almighty, and you will receive the power that creates heaven within yourself, the power that you bring along to this side, the power to create the most beautiful atmosphere around yourself.

Spiritual music gives such peace and wonderful thought within, which is not imaginable when on earth. We have festivals, orchestras, choirs, yes, we have all cultural activities as you have on earth. But my friend, the people that were the last on earth will be the first on this side when it comes to attaining the wonders of the universe of the spiritual culture that we have and that you cannot attain when on your side.

People that had music in heart and in their hands when on earth, and which were their foremost treasures, will still perform and develop their art in whatever direction, if that art was of purity in love. Everything that is of the good, everything that is beautiful, everything that is of love for your fellow beings, will be a treasure on either side of life. Here you will have a more open mind, and you will see what thoughts can create when you can use your creativity in full and are not hampered by the mechanical side of work.

The most wonderful piece that you have on earth, let’s say in the classical mode, you will have on this side, but much more beautified because your thoughts, the energy, the surroundings, the loving atmosphere creates such wonderful art that your heart, your innermost heart, could have never imagined.

When you listen to music on earth, you have to seek the music either by radio or visiting a concert. That’s the mechanical life. You have also within yourself the option to hear music within your mind. Here on this side, you will enhance this treasure within yourself, and you can have the music played within wherever you wish. You can learn music, you can learn whatever instruments you will like to learn, because we do have instruments, we do have a piano, we do have a violin, because we live in a real world, but it is created by thought, and thought is substance, and thought is real. Learn to play an instrument on this side, learn whatever you did not have the time or the money to achieve on earth. All is here for you, when you have achieved the power within yourself, the purity in thought that is love for your fellow beings. In love everything is possible, it is not difficult, it is so very easy to give love, to reach for your spiritual pathway, to increase your spirituality, and it is a neverending pathway. When you live a decent life, you increase the power within yourself, the spiritual power. Then when you come here you will have a world of infinite opportunities. It will only be your own mind that sets the limits.

Here on this side, all have the same opportunities to evolve, to be part of whatever direction in culture, in music, in art, that you have ever wished for. All have the same opportunities, and all have the same possibilities. There is no hindrance; it is only you and your own mind that creates the heaven within yourself. There is no differentiation between people on this side of life. We are all the same.

The power within yourself depends on your spirituality. Raise yourself in love and unselfishness. Raise your spirituality and you raise your spiritual power. Culture and love go hand in hand.

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