15. Your Soul


Who am I? That question has come to your mind many times in life. Who am I?

Reflect on the past, on the present and the future. You reflect on the history that you have in the library that you can read about. You see that generations follow generations, but you cannot go back very far before there are no more books. Then you reflect on science that tells you about the theory of evolution, evolution of your planet. Species have been born and are born from the earth plane. With the microscope, a new world reveals itself. You have learned that there is another world beyond your physical eyes that is revealed to you through the microscope, and that is similar to the telescope where the universe reveals itself with all its stars and galaxies. With your intellect, with your mind, you reflect upon all these revelations that have been brought to you by science, history and modern technology, and you know that there is more to life than you can comprehend, because there is so much that you do not understand, that you cannot even conceive of with all the books, all the science and all the technology of your world. But what you have learned is that there is more to life than you can see with your physical eyes, and that, my friend, is in itself a revelation to your intellect.

Who am I? The question and the answer that you have been searching for in the past and that you are still looking for are to be revealed to you, someday in the future. I can say this to you, my friend: that you do not have to wait, because you can find who you are on the Bridge of Love. We can tell you, we that have passed to the world beyond, that have left the physical body, we can tell you that you are an eternal being, that you are a spirit that cannot be seen with your own physical eyes, because it is within you, and it keeps your physical body, your physical flesh, alive. If that spirit, if that spark of the Almighty Spirit, was not present within yourself, you would be merely flesh.

Your physical self is connected to your spiritual self with a cord, similar to the cord that connected you to your mother in her womb during pregnancy, and when you saw the daylight of this world you were still connected to this cord until it was severed from your physical self, your physical body, and you became an individual of your own. That spirit merged with your physical self at birth completely. It was part of you during pregnancy, but completely merged with your physical self at the time of birth, and this is who you are: a spirit within a physical body that is here on earth to express itself, to enlighten itself and to find its real true self. You are on the material plane to experience all the passions that are here for you to master in life. This earth plane is your school of life. It is a training ground for you to fulfil yourself, for you to find the love that your Father gave you for your journey on earth. You see, my friend, you are part of the Almighty spirit, because you yourself are a spirit. You are a child of your Father in heaven, of the Great White Spirit of heaven. We, in the world beyond, see this bright white light, and we feel this love, this unconditional love, this power, that is in the universe. We see that our spirit is alive due to this power of the universe, the power of our Father, the power of love.

Who am I? You have an intellect, you have a mind, you can acquire knowledge, you can evaluate, you can reflect on the theories of your world, you can find the answers to yourself on earth when you watch Mother Nature, when you see all the revelations given to you. The seed of Mother Nature is transparent to yourself, to your own being, because you have the spark within yourself, the spark from heaven, the seed given to you by your Father that keeps you alive here in a physical body.

The Almighty Spirit has given you life here on earth, and you are here to find your true self. That is a wonderful mission that you have in front of you, because when you find your real self, you will see that love is foremost, and that love is the pathway towards the oneness with your Father. That love is there for you to pour over your world as your Father has done from the beginning, from the word that was given to your world, the word of love, the word, the love, that you are made of, that your planet is made of, that your universe is made of.

“But how can love make a material world?” you might ask. Well, my friend, everything in the universe is of the same elements, is of the same source, is of God. It is made out of love, because everything is in harmony, everything is in order, everything is made out of that power of love, because love is order, love is harmony, love is peace and peace is of God.

When you have the feeling for someone that you care for, that you feel close to, that you feel the need to protect and hold in your hands, then you have love for that individual. You can feel this love, but you cannot see the substance with your physical eyes. There is an ethereal fluid in the universe, and that fluid is the air that you breathe in and out, the fluid of the atmosphere that you are part of. It is the living force, and when you feel the love for someone, you use this fluid to connect yourself. That love, that fluid, is real, it is substance, it is the living force of the universe that you yourself are made of. Everything is of God, everything is in its place and the law of cause and effect rules the universe. There is a cause for everything that is revealed to you in your world. And you are the cause for your world and its future, for the future of the next generations, for your children. What a responsibility you have, my friend. You and everyone on the earth plane, you can change your world, you can pour love over and heal your world, you can eradicate suffering and despair from your world, you can bring the light to your world, because when you know yourself, then you know the wisdom of God, that you are his hands on the earth plane, that you are his hands when you fill yourself with love, because your Father in heaven is love, and you can be his humble servants on the earth plane. You can bring peace and love to your brothers and sisters. You can bring his blessings to the world, to your beautiful blue planet. What a wonderful mission you have.

Who am I? My friend, you know now who you are. You are an eternal being living on this earth plane at this very moment. You are part of the Almighty Spirit, and you are here to find your true self, you are here to pour love on your pathway in life, so you can realise yourself and your own potential for bringing harmony to your world, for raising yourself spiritually, to heighten your inner self, to find the path towards oneness with your Father, towards love, towards love within yourself, towards the spark that can be your treasure in life when you fill yourself with the power of God, the power of love.

Now, my friend, you can say: “I am an eternal being, I am a spirit of God, I am here on earth to fulfil myself and to be the hands of God, the hands of love, to heal my world, to fulfil the mission of my world, to raise myself, to raise every brother and sister on this earth plane, to find our true selves, to know that we are here to build our treasure within ourselves, so we can build the heaven within that we were supposed to do on the earth plane, so we can bring joy to our world, to the Planet Earth and the world beyond, and find peace of mind within.”

You are here for a great mission, your soul is here to find itself, its true self, your soul is here to raise itself towards love, towards the unity with humanity, towards the oneness with the Almighty Spirit, towards love, love for all, your world and the universe. Be part of this power of love; be part of and in oneness with your Creator.

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