15. Sustain the Power Within


When you bring love to your world, to your surroundings, to your fellow beings, when you sacrifice some of yourself, when you in your unselfishness share with others, when you help others, when you, with the power that you have within, give this power as healing to an individual and you by your faith heal the wound, whether it is of the physical or mental kind, you tap the consciousness of God, the power of love, the power from the Almighty source. Then, you give this healing power to the individual and heal that individual when you have the power within yourself. In service you have lost something within that you need to build up again. You have to sustain the power within yourself when you have given of yourself, because you have given an electrical charge that you yourself have built up within.

From your scriptures, Christ himself had to sustain his power within. Remember the sayings where he was touched and he felt that the power was released because people had faith in him, in his healing power and faith and, as you know, faith can move mountains. This is also from your scriptures, as a parable of the spiritual nature, and it is so true.

When Christ had healed many, he had to rest and build up the power within himself. He had to enter into stillness, connect to the power, connect to the love of his Father and recharge, and so can you. You can connect to the same source when you have love in your heart, when you have complete love in your Father. Then you can build up such a strong force within yourself, as Christ did that could heal many.

Christ was among the highest spiritual beings on earth, ever. He gave everything, everything for his Father in heaven. He sacrificed himself completely for the truth. He said: “My father and I are one”, and that is so true, because if you are not one, if you do not have complete faith in your Creator, in the power, the mightiest power in the universe which is love, you will not be able to perform the works that Christ did, as he said and which is true, because it is out of love that you shall do his works and greater works.

He said: “Follow me in the spirit of love, and you shall do what I have done”. Well, my friend, the door is open for you, and you can enter that door and go into that light and follow Christ who was:

a bright light,
a light of love,
a light of unselfishness,
a light of friendship,
a light of kindness,
a light of truth,
a light of the spirit that cannot ever die,
a light that you should bring to the world,
a light to heal the world.

You can do the greater work, and that is to heal your world in love. You can heal the world by making the world unselfish. You can go up the mountain and bring the message to everyone that wants to listen and tell them that there is no death, that we are all eternal beings, as Christ showed the world. He materialised after his death, and so have many done from ancient times and also today. It was not a miracle, it was nature´s law, and when the world knows that there is no death, that love is everything in your world and in this world, and love is the only thing that can sustain the power within yourself, and within your world, the power of love, then your world is charged for the future, then you are on the pathway to a bright light for the world where love reigns, so future generations can have love in their hearts, can share with each other, and can take care of Mother Nature, so that heaven can descend upon the earth, and we can be one. Then we will have built a bridge between our two worlds in love, because you have sustained the power of love by being on the path towards God and his love.

Pray to your Father in heaven and ask him to fill your heart with love. Then you will build up the faith in God within yourself, and then you sustain the power, the healing power, and the bright light of the spirit within yourself.

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