15. Stony Road


The wisdom of God is given to you in your daily life. It is revealed to you in so many ways, but on the material plane it is easy to forget one’s true self, it is easy to be yoked by the passions of the earth, by lust, by greed and by selfishness when you do not have the truth of life, when you do not have the wisdom within yourself, when you are not aware and do not understand the wisdom of God.

From the scriptures you have the parable of Christ about the sower that sowed on a stony road. Some fell on the wayside, some on stony ground, some among thorns and some fell in good ground. The seeds that fell on the wayside were taken and devoured by the birds, the seeds that fell on the stony ground grew, but were scorched by the sun because there was not sufficient earth for them to grow and bear fruit. Some fell among the thorns, but the thorns grew and yoked the seeds and they yielded no fruit, and the seeds that fell on good ground grew strong, multiplied and brought forth fruit in plentifold.

And what is the meaning of this parable of Christ? It is, of course, the word, as he explained the truth of life, the wisdom of God. The word that falls on the wayside is dismissed by people because they do not understand. The word that falls on the stony ground brings immediate joy, but it has no roots to keep it alive and the word withers away. The word that falls among thorns is easily taken by the lust of the material world, by greed, vanity and selfishness and lust for the money of your world these are passions that are difficult to resist and the word is easily forgotten. The word that falls on good ground is understood and bears fruit, and it becomes a beautiful creation and treasure, and it is given to you in plentifold, in hundredfold as it says in the scriptures, and it is true, but you have to understand the parable, you have to understand that people are of different spirituality to comprehend the word, the wisdom of God, in their present situation. That is why you have to be a light for them, as Christ was. He was the way, the truth and the light. And so can you be, my friend. You can show people that have not reached the understanding of the word the light, the truth and the way, because people when they become afflicted, persecuted and offended, and when the material lust conquers the truth of being, the wisdom of God, they dismiss the word.

When you climb the ladder of spirituality you will understand the parable of the sower. You will understand that when the word, the truth of life, has been given to you there is no return. Then you will master and know that the lust, greed, selfishness and vanity that you are exposed to in your world are easy to conquer because you have the wisdom, you know the truth and the word that is bearing fruit, that is given to you by God and his love.

Christ had many sayings on the earth plane. When he was an incarnate being, he had many parables for people to reflect upon, the revelations in nature, the revelations by God. And so can you, my friend. You can watch Mother Nature and find all the revelations and the truth of life within it, and the word will be given to you, the truth of life, the wisdom of God, as Christ found it, as he tried to explain it to people at that time.

The stony road is of the material world where you will stumble, where you will fall, where you will make mistakes, but you have to raise your sight towards the wisdom, towards God, and he will reveal himself to you. He wants you to lift up and turn the stones so you can find the truth of life, so you can know what you are, your true self, that you are an eternal being, that there is no death, that you are of the Almighty Spirit, of God. You are but one of his children, and he is the good parent, and he wants you to find the truth of life, the wisdom of life, to raise yourself spiritually, so you can be one in him, and in his love, so you can find the answers within yourself.

Love is the answer, and when you have filled yourself with love, then you will pour that love over your brothers and sisters on earth. Then you will see that you have a mission, as Christ tried to tell you, that you should do his works and greater works. You should heal your world. Those were the greater works that you should perform. That was the meaning of that parable, to do his works and greater works. And you can meet us on the Bridge of Love, and we can together go forward and heal your world. We will help you. We will guide you, because we are humble servants of the Almighty Father. We are messengers of God.

All the prophets from ancient times were in communion with the spirit world and achieved the teachings, the truth of life. And so can you, my friend. You can be in communion with us in the spirit world, you can be in communion with God, and there will be no communion without the blessing of your Father, because it is your Father that builds the communion. It is your Father, the Almighty Spirit, that builds the Bridge of Love. Nothing can be obtained without the blessing of our Father in heaven. God is all there is. God is the power of the universe, and God is love.

You can be the hands of God on earth. You can give charity; you can give his love to your fellow beings so they can raise themselves, so they can understand the word, so they can understand the seeds that fell on good ground that yielded fruits in hundredfold. You can be the humble servant, as you will when you heighten yourself spiritually because spirituality is the answer for finding the truth of life, for finding the wisdom of God. Materiality holds you down, because the material world is full of stones, the stones that you are given to learn the lessons of the world, the earthly life, the school of life that you are walking through in your present condition, your present life on the earth plane with your physical body.

You have the opportunity now to turn the stones, to see in Mother Nature, to discover the wisdom that is revealed to you. It is all there; it is all there for you to reflect upon, to experience, to find and search for answers in life. You will see that the stony road was there as a grace from God for you to raise yourself. It was beneficial for you to find yourself. Do not get angry and throw the stones away. No, my friend, look at them, turn them, and reflect on them and they will reveal the truth, the truth of life, the wisdom of God.

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