15. Revelations

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Life is a revelation,
You are a revelation,
Mother Earth is a revelation for your eyes, for your sight,
In this material life.

Revelations brought to you,
Given to you for you to understand,
For you to comprehend life,
For you to comprehend God’s nature within yourself,
The nature that is revealed to you in love, the beauties of life,
The scent of life,
The love from your friends and family,
The love that you received at birth to create yourself, to grow,
To perform your mission on Earth.

All that is given to you are revelations brought to your sight,
Brought to your senses for you to evolve,
For you to find joy and happiness,
For you to find the love that created all there is,
The love of the universe, the power of God.

You are a spirit of God; you were made out of this love.
Think, my friend, reflect upon life, reflect upon yourself,
The wonderful nature that you are, that you truly are.

The beautiful butterfly, the wonderful rose, the big lion,
The majestic elephant and you, human nature, in balance,
All made in harmony, in the Creation of love.

There is only life; there is no death.
The Bridge of Love, the bridge between our two worlds,
The material life and the spirit life,
Can be revealed to you, and when you seek, the doors will be opened,
And you will understand that there is no death, that there is only life.

We that come to you, we come to you in love,
In love for you all,
And we have a beautiful message for you, a revelation
That has been told you from ancient times,
That there is only life,
That we that once walked upon the earth plane live in a real world
Beyond your sight.

We know that there is no death, that we have eternal life;
A revelation that will change your life
When you know within your self that you cannot die.
Your physical body will perish one day
But your spirit will sustain, sustain life,
That is your real you, the real life.

Seek and you shall find.
Watch Mother Earth,
Watch human nature,
Watch yourself,
Reflect upon yourself and your life
And all is revealed
To your innermost being, the spirit within,
The spirit of God,
Heaven within you.

Revelations are there for you to find and comprehend,
To understand your self
By using your intellect and your reasoning,
Always, my friend, let your logic prevail,
Let your reasoning differentiate your own thoughts
Of love, of misunderstanding, miscomprehension.

Where there is love there is truth.
When you find love in what you see and read,
You have the truth in front of you.
Let this truth reveal life for you, be your revelation.

God bless you my friend.

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