15. Prayer


What is this word prayer?

First of all you sit in stillness in your mind and seek for God. Then your thoughts will reach the energy field of the Almighty. Using your terminology, if you plug a lamp into the socket, it starts to shine when connected to the electric power cable.

Similarly, with prayer you connect with the energy of love, whether you are praying for someone in despair, praying for relief in your sorrow or just for a while being part of God´s love and healing energy. No matter what your reason is for praying, your prayer will be heard. If you get your wish fulfilled, that´s quite another thing, because you are here on earth to learn and to achieve understanding, to know yourself and to become spiritually aware of your inner being, of the beauty inside you.

When you pray for others it is of help for them. It is a service, because you are sending your thoughts of love, of healing that will reach them, that will reach their spiritual being, through the energy field, the vibration that you cannot see with your physical eyes. This energy field is as real as the power in your socket.

Prayer is love in action, where you connect to your Father in heaven, to the part of God inside you. For you can connect to the field of love for a while pouring in your own energy of love. Prayer is meditation where you reach for the highest and clean yourself, for, by prayers in helping others, you perform a service to humanity, to individual human beings and thus for yourself.

Praying for material things does not enter this field of love. Prayers for help for satisfying your material needs will be heard, but seek first God. Then you will find the pathway for you to tread. The help you need in your endeavours on the material plane, will be added unto you, if that is your destiny, because we have all different missions on earth. Remember, we are here to strive, to learn, to help others and to love our fellow beings, so that we can raise ourselves and the consciousness of the earth to a higher level. We in our small footsteps, each and every one of us, can contribute to the whole. We can do this in prayer, by reaching a higher consciousness, to come in communion with God, with our Father in heaven that we are part of, the Creator of the universe, melting together as one, because we are all part of God´s plans. We are building our future and our destiny step by step. Let God be part of this picture in you. Let God be part of your plans, let him rule your heart and your inner being. Let him work in you when you reach for the power of love.

We on this side understand and see prayers in action, because we see our thoughts create. We see our thoughts reach their objective in helping others, because thought is substance. Thoughts are as real as you. You can feel the thoughts you create on the earth plane, but you cannot see the vibration they create. However, you can see their action if you follow them, and understand your prayer.

Collective prayers have a tremendous impact because if the thoughts are pure in love, they can do wonderful things. That´s why we on this side pray together with innumerable souls in service, to achieve peace and love on earth. My friend, your little prayer helps to contribute to the collective consciousness of love towards your fellow beings. Pray and be part of the mission of love for humanity. Raise yourself spiritually by prayer, by being in communion with God in love.

With prayers you can heal the world.
With love you can heal yourself.

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