15. Infinite Love


The sun shines upon you all, the star of your solar system and your planetary system. The sun does not look upon you and say: “Have you behaved today, have you fulfilled yourself with love for others, have you cared for your brothers and sisters?” No, my friend, the sun does not differentiate between any of you, the sun shines upon all of you, and the sun is of God, is of the Creator, the Creator of all there is. The sun gives you the vitamins, the warmth, the nutrition, so you can have food on the table. It gives you water, bringing clouds of rain from the sea towards the land, towards the people of the earth, so you can drink when thirsty, so people can have water for their farming, so you all can have your needs fulfilled, needs for keeping your physical life in order.

The sun reveals to you the infinite love, the unconditional love from your heavenly Father, your heavenly Mother, from God. In your daily tasks on earth, you forget about the creation and what brought you food and water on the table. You see, my friend, it is so easy to take life for granted, but the smallest thing on earth that has been made is there for you to find the wisdom of life. All is revealed to you in Nature, all has been given to you and it is there for you to find, to find within yourself, because heaven is within. Heaven is the beauty that you received at birth as a seed for you to nourish, for you to climb spiritually, for you to lift your eyes towards the sky and see the universe, the universe of infinite love, as you have within you.

When you watch the sky at night and see all the stars, you actually see within yourself, you see the universe of yourself. You are built by atoms, billions upon billions, as the universe itself with all its stars, with all its combinations of stars and planets, solar systems and galaxies, as you refer to them. When you have found the truth of life, you have found yourself, you have found the true self, that you are a spiritual being that is of God, that has been created by the hands of the Almighty Spirit.

In your daily life, you have difficulties to grasp this reality, the wisdom that is revealed to you at night in the sky and in daylight in Mother Nature. Look upon yourself, the human being you are, what you have been given: your eyes, your ears, your nose, your mouth, your intellect to put your senses in the right place, to know about your physical self. You look upon your hands, and you see what a perfect creation they are, nails at every fingertip so they can be used for work, for your life in various forms of occupations on the earth plane, so you can have a steady and good grip. Everything is there for you to reflect upon, every part of your body gives you wisdom, wisdom of the creation, why it is there and its purpose. You have been created perfect to fulfil yourself, to bring this love that created you to Planet Earth, to all people, because you are all children of the same Creator. You are here to take care of Mother Nature, to bring attention to this wonderful work that has been given to you, that gives you happiness and joy in all its varieties and colours, with all the animals, with all living beings that are there for you, and are there for the earth to sustain itself. My friend, all and everything is in perfect order, as with the universe itself, as with you yourself.

You can hear your heart knocking. It reveals to you the force that your Creator has given you on earth to fulfil yourself, to walk and learn the school of life, so you can have the wisdom through its struggle and its joy, because Mother Earth is a paradise if you can grasp the wisdom, if you can bring love and keep this in your heart, love to your Planet Earth.

Infinite love is God. Infinite love is brought to you through the Creation. Reflect on this, dwell on this, as you are, that you have been made by this infinite love.

My friend, isn’t it time to understand that you are here to fulfil the creation, to bring the creation that is made by love into love all over and everywhere.

Become love yourself and you become part of the infinite love, the consciousness of God, the oneness of his creation, the oneness of love. Do not set yourself apart. Do not say to yourself that this is something I cannot comprehend, that I do not understand. Do not say this to yourself. Go deep inside and ask yourself how can this physical flesh of mine be operative if there is no energy within my body?

The world beyond is of the truth. Know that you will never die, that you will be part of my world, where I am now speaking from, one day. We keep our door open, and when you come to us in love, you can have communion with souls that once walked upon the earth plane. You can, on the Bridge of Love, meet us in love and you will have the truth given to you, brought to you in a physical manner, infinite love brought to you on the Bridge of Love, the truth of life. It is there for you if you seek and meet us in love.

Love is the only gateway to the world beyond where you will have the truth revealed to you, because the

Bridge of Love is built by the hands of the Almighty Spirit, the infinite love.

Infinite love has made you and all in the creation. Now, my friend, it is time for you to comprehend this force, this power of the universe, that can bring peace to earth, that can bring heaven to earth, the love that your earth was made of. Create heaven on earth by love. That is the pathway towards happiness, towards a world where the children of God, all of you, and Mother Nature are in harmony, where you can fulfil the creation of love yourself, because you are all spirits of God. In love we are all one. God bless you, my friend.

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