15. Halls of learning

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Your life on earth is a school of life, and it is divided into many classes. From birth to early childhood is where you start with your instincts and feel the love and the warmth from your mother. Then in childhood you learn of love, of the good, of the bad and of the struggles, because you need to discipline your own self. You will as a child receive many instructions from your parents, from family, from interaction between other children and in school, what to do and not to do. You reach early adulthood where the passions of life become an interest to you, and where you have to differentiate between what is right from wrong. Place within your inner self what you have learned in childhood, and when you arrive in adulthood you should have achieved the basics of life. You should have received love, and learned tolerance towards others. You should know that selfishness is to sustain your own being, and that the best you get out of life, you do in moderation.

When you go into the work place, the working life of the earth, you start a new process of learning, because there are different working environments from school. Here, you can again experience that people have received their upbringing of different levels of love, understanding, tolerance and wealth. Life on earth is in itself a hall of learning.

On this side of life, you can also attend learning based on your interests. Here, you are learning in interaction between other souls as well as on earth. You may travel to different vibrations, to different surroundings, to different worlds, to different places in the spirit world and learn as you do on earth. The halls of learning may have different shapes and surroundings. You can attend a hall where you receive knowledge from souls that descend to your vibrational level and teach what they have learned, and what you should search for and have as an objective for your path.

In the halls of learning we use thoughts to create pictures and real movies in your terms, to explain, to let thoughts penetrate your inner being, so you can feel and learn in different ways. Your body will feel the energy and the learning process within. The halls of learning are like a theatre, a museum, a concert, a festival, a discussion forum, a meeting, a family gathering as you have on earth. For us thought is real, so in the halls of learning, we can create the learning material and make it a reality by thoughts. These thoughts will be part of your learning curve. Halls of learning do not have walls, as you perceive walls. It is an atmosphere created in the mind of the people that attend, because the halls of learning can be created everywhere there is a need to learn, out in the beautiful nature or in a city with wonderful surroundings. Yes, we have schools and universities of different kinds to use the expressions from the earth, but they will be somewhat different when you know that we create by thought.

Imagine a place, a beautiful place, where you want to learn a topic of interest. You meet other souls and invite a learned soul for a special topic. You gather in a hall of learning. It is a hall where you sit in beautiful surroundings with light from above, where the energy is of love for each other, where there is no need for promoting oneself, no selfishness and where there is harmony between all attendees, a wonderful place of peace and happiness. Let us say that the topic is history at a certain time and place where you want to see and learn what happened. Then the learned soul creates a vision as you would call a movie, but here as a reality to attend and be present of. We can then discuss, ask questions and bring our thoughts into the teachings and learn from what we see and experience and from what other souls explain and see within themselves, because we all have different experiences from your world and our world.

We read books on this side. All the books that we are in a position to have in what you would call the library. Yes, we have real books as you have, because we live in a real world, only in a different vibration as to what you do, but our world is more real than yours. How can I say that our world is more real? Because our world is made by thought, our world is the creative world, whilst yours is the mechanical world. We all create by thought, but to us thought is real instantly.

Learning is a process that is neverending. You are learning all through life on earth, and we never stop learning on this side in our infinite life. Learn as much as you can on earth and in whatever direction that interests you, but remember this: A life in moderation, a life in helping others, a life in raising your fellow beings is the most wonderful thing you can ever learn to achieve peace within. That is the peace you receive from the Almighty Spirit, God that you are part of, when you have raised yourself. That is your birthright.

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