15. Expiation

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In your life on earth, in this school of life, you are here to develop yourself, and in your development it is natural to make mistakes, it is human nature. As with children, they try out the world, they try out their parents to see what they are allowed to do and not to do. You, as a parent, teach your child how to behave in this world and the child will make many mistakes, but you forgive and you correct and you give love so the child can understand that mistakes are part of life, and that they are there to enhance their own quality so they can know right from wrong. And so it is with all of us.

We attend the school of life to learn, and we make mistakes, and our Father forgives us, because he behaves as a good parent. When you correct your behaviour, when you see that you have misbehaved, then you can turn your mistakes into something better. When you give love to your brethren, when you help others, when you turn to your fellow beings with a smile of kindness and tell them that they are forgiven for their mistakes, then you have raised yourself. When you can forgive, your Father will forgive you. That is the law of cause and effect. When you give love, you receive love, when you are kind, then people will be kind towards you, and if you do not receive kindness then you give of yourself and make a light for others to follow, even though they will not follow you immediately, because when they raise themselves they will understand that their misbehaviour was wrong, and when they turn themselves to God and ask for forgiveness, they will in turn expiate their wrongdoings and turn their misbehaviour into kindness, friendship and love. That will redeem their faults. Charity is repairing your faults on earth.

By charity you can change yourself. You can raise yourself spiritually. By charity you make friendship, by charity you can forgive, by charity you give love and help your brethren; charity is the way to expiate your mistakes, your faults in life.

Christ was crucified. He told the truth. He gave love and only love, and his sayings that are of love are the truth. Sayings that are in conflict with the unconditional love from God must be wrong, because your Father in heaven is only love and he wants the best for all of his children, for all of his sons and daughters on the earth plane and in the spirit world. You see, Christ could not, by the cross, give remission for your faults, your sins, for your mistakes on earth. That is done by charity, that is done by you. He was crucified because he was a threat to people in higher positions. He taught the truth that there is a life after death, that we are all children of God, that you are an eternal being, and that we all have to raise ourselves spiritually to attain the heaven that we have within ourselves, the little grain that we received from our Father at birth. Christ knew the way; he was the truth and the light. But you have to understand the sayings of Christ. You have to understand that you are your own redeemer, and you expiate your errors by charity. That is the only way to your own salvation, that is how your create the beautiful heaven you can have within yourself, that is how you can be one with the Almighty Spirit, that is how you and all of us can be in oneness, because we are all one in the spirit of our Father in heaven.

All religions have one and the same God, and there is only one pathway in all religions to reach God and that is by love, because God is unconditional love.

Well, my friend, what a beautiful message we have for you. You can redeem your mistakes, you can have redemption from your mistakes by turning yourself into charity, into love, into oneness with God. When you do the will of your Father, then you have fulfilled yourself, then you have the knowledge and the wisdom of the divine.

We are all part of each other, and we have to care for each other. We are one. We are one in God, and love is the key that opens the gate to the kingdom of heaven. Love will fulfil your own being, love will create the paradise that you are searching for, and love will create peace of mind. So, my friend, expiate your mistakes, your faults, your errors that you have made on earth. Expiate with charity, with love for your brethren, make yourself unselfish and let others come first. Build this treasure of love within yourself, paint yourself in love, inside out, and you will be part of a wonderful peace, a peace that you will have from God, a calmness of mind that you cannot achieve without having God as part of your life.

The mistakes and faults in life are part of the troubled mind. The mistakes that you have made are coming back to you as thoughts and will not leave you before you expiate your wrongdoings. When people have done cruel things to human beings, or to any living being, their thoughts will haunt them and leave them with a troubled mind, because they have a conflict within themselves.
The episodes in life where you caused physical or mental distress to others will be clear as the day. Some mistakes will be suppressed in the subconscious mind, but they are still there until your mind is purified. With purity of mind you find peace within yourself, that is the only way to achieve peace and calmness of mind, and you know the answer for expiation, the answer is charity towards your fellow beings, by giving a helping hand, by pouring love over your pathway so you can be forgiven for your faults in life.

Charity is your salvation because in time charity will expiate and repair your faults. Isn’t that wonderful, my friend, that you can repair yourself? You can repair your mind, so your mistakes will not haunt you and be a torture to you. You can change your misbehaviour today and you can ask for guidance by your Almighty Father. God does not ever leave you. He is the good parent, but you have to let him into yourself, so he can show the way, so his will can be done in your life, and his will is love. Love for all. Let that be your pathway, and you will atone for and receive redemption for your past mistakes in life.

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