14. Tide

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Ocean, a perfect mirror on a calm day,
Ocean, the reflection of nature,
Ocean, the reflection of yourself.

The ocean is balanced by the sun, the moon,
The exertion of their gravitational forces,
The rotational effect of the earth
Giving to you high tide and low tide,
Renewable energy, inexhaustible,
Giving to you a wonderful marine life
That depends on universal forces
That cannot be seen with your physical eyes,
Out there,
When you turn your heads towards heaven.

The moon and its gravitational effect on the earth plane
Gives you ebb and flow,
Low tide and high tide.
What a wonderful harmony the universe creates,
The balance between the sun, the moon and the earth plane.

In your own life there is low tide and high tide.
Sometimes you are filled with good thoughts,
Thoughts that you have received from friends, from family,
From people that care for your wellbeing.
Sometimes you receive bad thoughts, thoughts of hatred,
Thoughts of jealousy,
Thoughts of selfishness.
There is ebb and flow in your own life,
Your own gravitational force exerts such thoughts
That you are exposed to on the earth plane,
Exert such thoughts on your own mind, your own consciousness.
Then you have a tide within yourself, a reflection of the sea, of the ocean,
A reflection of God’s nature,
Of the forces in nature itself.

That is the material life,
That is the school of life where you are to learn high tide and low tide,
The various elements of life,
The various forces of life and within your self,
Forces that were created by thoughts, thoughts that made all there is.

Employ your love as your free will to enhance your self,
To find your self,
To raise your self towards the light of love,
Towards God.

Tide is there for you to comprehend life,
To understand your self,
To create balance,
Harmony within your self.

Tide, a wonderful expression of God’s nature,
For you to learn,
For you to employ on the earth plane whether that is
As renewable energy,
To sustain marine life,
Or to find your self.

When you watch the moon, a lovely evening in its bright light,
Then, my friend, send your love to the moon,
To God’s Creation for your evolvement on Earth,
And God will know that you have his wisdom within your heart.

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