14. The Mightiest Force

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When there is darkness, when the sun is absent during night, your physical eyes cannot give you the wisdom of life. It is as if you look towards the sky when it is cloudy and there are no stars, no light to be observed. Then, my friend, you are fumbling, you cannot perceive where your location is and you are lost because the sunlight and the daylight are gone. The light has been given to you to reveal the wisdom of life through the reflection in your eyes, so you can have the wonders of the creation brought to your mind. An analogy of darkness is nothing, and you know from your intellect that something cannot come from nothing. When the clouds disappear at night, the stars and their light from the sun, reflect the light in your eyes and reveal to you a universe, a creation, that goes far beyond your sight, but from science you know that there are billions upon billions of stars and galaxies that you have observed through your telescope, through your technology.

Imagine the creation of yourself, of Mother Nature, of the earth plane, your beautiful blue planet that you walk your feet on, imagine all the planets, the stars, the solar systems you see, my friend, it is just a small, tiny glimpse of the creation. Imagine what creative force there is that has made all, that has made you, the flowers, the trees, the ocean and all its living creations, and the animals that are giving you such pleasure in your life. It is a perfect creation, every atom is where it should be, if not it would be chaos, the universe would not function if not everything was in its right place. Stars are born and stars are dying, there is a constant evolution, as with you, as with the animals, as with the planets, all is in evolution. When this realisation has been revealed to your own mind, when you know that this creative force is of love, is in such an order, is perfect, you must know that God is your Creator. God is the creative force. God is your Mother and Father, always there knows the past, the present and the future. In the world beyond you will know. It will come to your mind that this creative force is your own, because you can create with your mind, as is also revealed to you on earth, but in your world you have to create with your hands. Your world is the mechanical world and our world is the creative world, as we can create instantly with our thought. Imagine what kind of power that you have within yourself, imagine the thought, the world, the universe that you can create within, because you have been given the same capabilities for creating, a mind for creating that love in its place, in its order, as your Father has made and revealed to you through his creation, through the universe itself.

The mightiest force is within you, but people of the earth do not realise that you are spirits of God, that you are here to fulfil his creation on earth, to bring love, to know that you are all of the same Creator, as one big family. My friend, there is no death, because you are a spirit, a spirit that can never die, that is created by this mightiest force of the universe, this infinite power of God, the power of love.

Beautify your self in his creation by bringing love to the creation of love that he has brought to you. Bring his love, the love that you were made of, bring this to your fellow beings, and you will be his hands on the earth plane, you will, as a child of your Creator, bring his wisdom to your brothers and sisters, and his wisdom is love.

My friend, imagine your self, that you are the centre of the universe, the centre of the infinite creation of stars and galaxies, imagine the power that you are surrounded with that you can perceive within your own universe, within your own mind, because you are a replica of the same creation. You are of the same elements as the universe itself.

With your physical eyes, with your limitations when you walk on the material plane and do not lift your eyes towards the power of life, you cannot perceive the unseen worlds that are beyond your sight, worlds of vibrations that are not perceivable for your physical sight. But I can tell you this, my friend, that we are close by and when you search, when you go to your inner self, you will understand that you are more than your physical flesh, that you are from another world that is of God, the spirit world where we that bring you this message, this wisdom, are living our lives. We want you to have the knowledge, the wisdom of life, so you can understand the mightiest force, the love, the power of God, so you can understand and comprehend that you are all children of the same Creator, brothers and sisters, one big family on the earth plane, that you must care for each other, that you can bring heaven to earth, the love that your Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother gave you, to find happiness and peace, to find your true self, to evolve in the universal creation.

Find this power of love within you; the power of God, the power of love.

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