14. Signs to look for

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Nature is all around you, but not all is open for your physical eyes. The microorganisms of the earth are there to maintain and build up your surroundings, the nature you are part of. They are all there to care for your wellbeing.

If you apply the technology of the world and look into the microscope, you will see a world that you could not imagine in your mind, if you had not seen it with your physical eyes. Someday there will appear a technology that will give the people of the earth the means to achieve understanding of the life that awaits them when they cast aside their physical body. The spirit world is as real as the world under the microscope that you cannot see with your physical eyes.

It is all about evolution. When people look into the microscope and look at the small creatures that surround them, they will at first be afraid, but there is nothing to fear, because they cannot harm you, they are there to help you, nurturing your ground, helping the plants and the trees to prosper season after season. They are all there for a purpose.

As an analogy to your life cycle on earth, is the butterfly. This creature starts as a worm and develops itself to a wonderful butterfly with such beauty that you have to stay and watch them when they fly hither and thither. How could you believe that a worm should become such a beautiful creature? Similarly, your physical body deteriorates and becomes a beautiful spiritual being when you leave your physical body.

God’s plans are infinitely beautiful, always something new to learn. By looking in the microscope, you discover that you cannot see everything with your physical eyes.

Your thoughts have an impact on life and nature. If you say to someone that you love them, that they are kind, you can look at them and see that they admire your compliment. They smile at you and thank you for your kindness. It is the same with nature. Treat nature with the same attitude, and nature will smile at you in return.

You are part of the consciousness of this world. If you send out good thoughts, good thoughts will be multiplied and multiplied, and the consciousness of your world will be affected by your thoughts. Everything is consciousness, everything is thought. If the people of the world had but known this fact, you would have a world of love and peace.

Signs of love are there for you to grasp in life. Take the time to listen and to watch nature, how nature reacts to your thoughts, how nature produces and prospers.

If you take everything for granted, you will not see the signs of love given to you by the creator of the universe in his love for humanity. Search and the doors will be open, and you will have so many reasons for your existence, for all things are placed in the universe to aid each other, to aid the beautiful day you are part of.

We have all been in your place, and know that things are easily taken for granted. We know NOW that we should not take anything for granted. We know that we have to cooperate with nature for taking care of the world. Keep in mind that nature, the creatures, the microorganisms, everything from the mould and up needs your protection and cooperation for giving the next generation a planet that we all can be proud of. The signs are there. Open your eyes and you will find your treasures that bring you peace of mind. All is there, open for you.

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