13. Live Now


What a wonderful creation we are. You were born with a physical body with beautiful eyes that can view the world, view the universe, view yourself and the nature you are part of. You have been born with the faculties that were created by God for managing your life, your school of life on earth, and they were all there for your spiritual journey on this beautiful blue planet, the earth plane.

Within your eyes there is an ocean, an ocean of history, an ocean of consciousness, but how can I say to you that there is something that you cannot see? You are an eternal being, you have always existed, you are part of the universal spirit, and you are part of God, because he has created you. In that ocean of consciousness you have a tremendous well of information, but when you are here on earth you start from the beginning at birth with a spirit and a physical body, fresh and pure. In your life on earth, you are given the opportunity to raise yourself, to explore life and to find the truth of being with your physical senses. You are equipped with feet to walk and with hands to master your work that you find interesting and useful. Your Father in heaven has given all to you. He gave you birth, he gave you life, and he is your life, because the spirit you have within yourself is of God, and without it, you would not be alive, your physical body would not exist. With all these faculties you are prepared for the future, with all the challenges of the earth, with all the beauties that you can enjoy in Mother Nature, in other human beings, and in friendship as God’s children.

You can enjoy your life now. Dwell on this, my friend, what you have been given, what you are and what you have within yourself. It is not merely flesh, it is a spiritual being that keeps you alive. This spirit is a current, a charge from the universe. Reflect on this, reflect on life, because you can find the truth of life yourself. You can find it in Mother Nature. You can look at the flowers and you can look at the sun. Revelations are all over, and you will find and know the truth that you are an eternal being, that you are of God, that you are built from the same elements as the stars, as the elements of the universe. You have all the physical elements within yourself, the key to the universe. You yourself are a universe and when you look upon the heaven and see all the stars, you see a replica of yourself. God made man and woman in his picture, and that is the truth.

When you, as a child, have lived in a harmonious environment, when you have received love from your parents, bring that forward in your life to other human beings. If you have not received such beauty as a child, then know that you are part of God. Turn to God; he is your good parent. Have God in your heart because he is your Father and Mother. Your father will never leave you. He will stand by you and help you if you let him. He will be part of you all the way in your life. And when you leave your physical body behind, you enter his kingdom in heaven, the house of your Father. My friend, you have the paradise, the heaven within yourself, but you have to nurture this heaven, you have to nurture this seed that your Father gave you at birth. He gave you the little grain of the universe that you are on earth to develop and nurture, so you can raise yourself in spirituality. Nurture this little grain by love for your fellow beings, by leaving selfishness behind, by bringing kindness and peace to others and yourself.

When you have found this treasure within, and you feel that the love and the warmth from this treasure is part of you, is within you, has a connection to your Father, then you have raised yourself, then you are seeking the highest within your own spiritual being. Let your spirit within rule your physical being, because your spiritual being is of God, and God is love. So, when you are on that track in life you cannot go wrong and you have peace within.

With this in mind, that you are a creation of love, you can beautify your life by bringing spirituality into your being, into your life. Live now and give love. Bring charity and then you are truly alive, you are truly a helping hand of God, and that was your mission in life. Search and fulfil yourself with whatever occupation you would like to have. Fulfil yourself by enjoying the nature. Fulfil yourself by being in friendship, by being part of something beautiful that you can create with other human beings.

You can create a world within yourself that is of love and peace. Your world, your blue planet, is a wonderful creation by God, and you were given the opportunity to live and enjoy this wonderful creation. Join your world, your inner world of love with this beautiful blue planet, and you will find your treasure in life.

Live now and enjoy life.

In the daylight, look at the beautiful nature: the wonderful rivers, the blue ocean, the green grass, the beautiful flowers of the rainbow. At night, find peace and calmness and look upon the sky, look upon the heaven of stars flickering to you in different colours, billions of stars. Some are born and some are dying, as it is with you human beings, all living beings on earth. You are a replica of the universe. You are created in the picture of God. You are a small universe yourself, a universe that you can fill with love, the mightiest power in the universe, the mightiest power that you have within yourself when you find your treasure in life. Live now my friend, live in love and peace on earth.

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